Megan Rapinoe Choked and Cost Women’s Soccer the Game


The Woke Women’s Soccer team lost in the 16th round against Sweden and didn’t even make the quarter-finals. Megan Rapinoe choked on a penalty kick, costing the team the game. It’s the game that eliminated them from the championships.

One might wonder if it isn’t the divisiveness, and anti-Americanism that self-congratulating Megan Rapinoe inflicted on her “team.”

Megan Rapinoe started kneeling during the National Anthem, mocking the United States she was supposed to represent. This time, the team was divided during the anthem, with some players looking angry with their hands locked behind their backs while others put their hands on their hearts.

How can you unite a team with divisive politics that doesn’t belong in sports? She thinks everything is about her.

After the L at the World Cup today, Megan Rapinoe was asked what her favorite memory of playing for US soccer was. Her response was “equal pay.”

That’s where her heart is, apparently.

Hopefully, the next women’s soccer team will be more united and more successful.

Rapinoe is the reason the team lost.

Rapinoe wants girls to play against men.



  1. This was AWESOME Karma. This clown ends her career as a big-time loser at this game on the world stage, at least for anyone watching.

  2. Maybe if a couple members of the 15 U boys team, that swamped the women a few years ago, had declared as females and took some spots, specifically Rapinoe’s, her replacement would have made that kick. Good riddance to her.

  3. It is fitting that Rapinoe who is so many ways stands against everything that has made America great, but yet a “star” in her own eyes, choked and in the end proved she did not deserve to represent REAL Americans.
    Thanks Charlie, Megan, ad especially M. Dowling for revealing the terrible hypocrisy of a disgusting human being.


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