Minnesota’s Brilliant Plan: Taxpayers to Fund Illegal Crossers’ College Education


Minnesota has a brilliant plan to fund illegal aliens’ college education with taxpayer money. Those are the taxpayers who have to pay for their own children to go to college.

Other new laws allow people to obtain driver’s licenses and access MinnesotaCare, the publicly run insurance program for low-income residents, regardless of their immigration status, reports Axios.

Illegal alien families can make as much as $80,000.

According to the Associated Press, the program will begin in the 2024-2025 school year and is expected to cost $117 million in its first fiscal year.

Tucker Carlson was vilified when he said the politicians are replacing us. They are replacing us and using our own money to fund it.

I think it’s time for Texas, Florida, Arizona, and even New York to send their illegal aliens to Minnesota for free healthcare and college tuition.

As for New York, where the mayor always cries poverty, he could put them in beds overseen by ICE, but that might mean some of these invaders will be sent home.

In 2020, deBlasio, then-NYC mayor, was throwing the homeless out into the streets because residents were complaining about using the hotels.

The difference was COVID, the media narrative, and homeless as opposed to illegal aliens.



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