Missing In Maui, The Numbers So Far


According to Politico, the count of people dead on Maui still stands at 115, but there are missing persons reports for 110, and 50 are still active. The last report from the FBI was 388 missing. Yahoo News reports that of the 388, more than 100 have been found safe.

Hundreds of Maui children, perhaps more, have reportedly not returned to school. People are living in their cars, so that’s understandable.

About 2,000 structures were destroyed.

“We have wrapped up almost completely the search and recovery mission and are moving into the next phase,” Darryl Oliveira, the interim administrator of the Maui Emergency Management Agency, said at a news conference.

He said the next phase would be hazardous waste removal conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Maui Police Chief John Pelletier said urban search and rescue teams have “completed 100% of their area,” but some search activity continues in the ocean off Lahaina.

He said that the FBI is searching 200 yards out, along a four-mile stretch of coastline, but no human remains have been found.

Although the initial land search is complete, authorities may also use details from the missing person reports to go over areas again, he added.

“They say, ‘My loved one was here,’ and this may be a data point, and we can continue,” Pelletier said. “In case there was a chance that something needs to be further looked at, we’ve got archeologists, and we’re gonna make sure that we can do that so, again, we do this the right way.”




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