Mitt Romney Might Not Run Again But Mitch Wants Him to run


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Mitt Romney might not run for the Senate again. He doesn’t know if he has one last fight in him. He is 76 years old and would be in his 80s before his next term is up. A Wall Street Journal article notes that his rejection of Donald Trump has cost him votes. That may be the case, but it’s not only because of his hatred of Donald Trump. He’s viewed by many as a RINO, a woke RINO.

Mitt Romney marching with the violent Marxist Black Lives Matter.

According to the two authors of the journal article, he’s paid a price for being bipartisan.

The authors, Eliza Collins and Siobhan Hughes don’t seem aware of how precarious our future is under these neo-Democrats.

The days of bipartisanship should be over, given the agenda of the far left, who are now in control of the Democrat Party. The problem with Romney is he’s not really much of a Republican.

Based on his voting record, his liberty score is 54%, with Conservative Review and Heritage Action gives him a score of  51%. That’s considered an F. The average Republican is at 78%.

What some people might call bipartisanship and reaching across the aisle is, in his case, just sitting on the fence on issues.

Brad Wilson has the endorsement of over 60 conservative Utah lawmakers.

Three-quarters of Utah House Republicans and over two-thirds of Senate Republicans have thrown their support behind Wilson.

If Wilson enters the race he will face Riverton Mayor Trent Staggs, who has already announced he is challenging Romney for his seat.

Staggs has also earned endorsements — including from Turning Point USA, a non-profit that advocates for conservative politics in educational institutions, the Utah Republican Veterans’ caucus and the Utah State Fraternal Order of Police.

Remarkably, slightly more than half of Utah is happy with Romney’s performance, but only 49% want him to run again. A lot of left-wing Californians have moved to Utah which might be affecting their swing to the left.

The incredibly unpopular Minority Leader Mitch McConnell wants Romney to run again. McConnell has an even worse score than Mitt Romney. McConnell, who has fought with Trump over the party’s direction, said he had asked Romney to run again. “He’s an incredibly effective senator,” McConnell said, reports WSJ.

Mr. Romney has a 51% voting record with Republicans; how is that effective? Unless you’re a RINO, of course.

The GOP primary in Utah is in June. If Romney, who also has support among independents and Democrats, makes it through the primary, he is likely to win the general election, the WSJ article reports.

His competition includes Brad Wilson, who has raised more than $1,000,000, and Trent Staggs, who has raised about $170,000. Romney has only raised 22,000 dollars. The Journal says he will have a tougher time winning this year.

However, if McConnell wants him to win, Mitch will destroy the other candidates’ reputations and put a ton of money into Romney’s race so he wins. McConnell is the least popular senator, but he is powerful.



  1. Romney – please just go away. We can’t stand you or your RINO ways – as in voting most often with the Democrats! Hopefully if he tries we can get rid of him.

  2. I am LDS and live in Utah. Most of the folks I know cannot stand Mitt Romney. He does not represent the majority of conservative Utah citizens and needs to be primaried out or retire. Unfortunately, Salt Lake City is just another liberal city now; most of the support for the RINOs like Romney and our pronoun loving governor comes from there.

  3. I am happy to not read that junk WSJ article, written by 2 rookies. WSJ is now a full RINO rag.

    Mormons are very loyal to Mormons, so any successful challenger to Romney has to be Mormon. I know someone who visits Utah, he says you would be surprised at how differently Mormons think about things, and they are very clannish. Don’t assume Mormons are against big government, they are active in getting government aid, payouts and grants for lots of things. Mormons do not care that Romney does not live there.

    Mitch is obviously a complete betrayer of conservatives, the party base, and America. He is now totally out of the close. He has carefully been able to keep support in the party while betraying the base as much as possible. It was his plan all along. He is thrilled with anyone like Romney, who helps provide him cover. Mitch’s primary agenda is anti-conservative, anti-MAGA, and anti-Trump. He is now obsessed with retiring without Trump is power.

  4. “He’s an incredibly effective senator.”
    That he is! Biden probably would not be president now without him.
    He also should have defeated Obama and now after seeing the direction he and Ryan have taken I wonder if they didn’t, in effect, throw the election. Disgusting RINOs.

    The most powerful thing about Mitch is his stench!!!


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