Mitt Romney Tells the World His Favorite Meat Is…


On Wednesday, we celebrated National Hot Dog Day.  That led multi-millionaire Mitt to claim his favorite meat is a hot dog. Pierre Delecto’s not being honest. He likes lamb chops, thyme and sauteed frog legs, diver scallops, and fancy French restaurants.

Pierre never disappoints. We hear he’s interested in Nathan’s hot dog eating contest.

Romney used to have a secret Twitter account with the name Pierre Delecto. In English, that’s Peter Delight. He said he’s a “lurker” spying on people. That fits his character as a globalist pompous ass who probably never eats hot dogs.

He sometimes let Delecto speak for him.



  1. When I first heard about this I naturally assumed he was at some cookout or similar type event. But, No, he’s doing it walking down a hallway. Now that really looked Stupid As Hell. These people simply are unable to connect with ‘ordinary’ people, and lack a common frame of reference.


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