Montana Gun Shop Raided by the Weaponized Federal Agencies


Highwood Creek Outfitters was closed most of the day on Wednesday while federal agents with the IRS, State of Montana, OSHA, FBI, DHS, and ATF searched the building, Billings Gazette reports.

The owner, Tom Vanhoose, has been under Federal surveillance for two years and has no idea why. His guess is his store was raided because of the type of guns he sells (AKs). The administration doesn’t want citizens to own AKs.

In the morning, Mr. Vanhoose pulled up to his store and was followed by 20 heavily-armed agents. The agents were polite but spent the day combing through his records.

Mr. Vanhoose thinks it’s political. Why wouldn’t he? Our government is weaponized against us.

They raided his files but didn’t take financial records. They took 4473 customer records. The IRS now has access to these forms with personal information. [So glad they’re hiring another 80,000 of them]

The only explanation was that “IRS Criminal Investigation was on site as part of their official business.” It sounds more like a fishing expedition. Meanwhile, Mr. Vanhoose said his profit margin isn’t large, and he’s meticulous in record keeping.

Rep. Rosendale was outraged and was trying to get answers. He accused the government of harassment.



  1. They aren’t supposed to keep lists of people owning weapons or types so now htey will just do the raids and harass people to scare off the sheep. Starting to pick out the sheep from the wolves. My won’t this be fun.

  2. The ‘subversion’ started over fifty years ago is coming to fruition…the FBI HAS become a clone of the KGB…start growing bananas, the crop of your immediate future…

    • Yes, now that Trump was arrested, I thought the time was right for someone to graffiti their sign at the agency. New sign; KGB.

      Sends a message to a lot of people!


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