Mostly Peaceful Protest at Saticoy Elementary Over Gay Pride “Grooming”


Parents objecting to the LGBTQIA2SS++ Pride agenda in the North Hollywood Saticoy Elementary School were protesting outside the school on Friday.  They are organized and want the children to be taught reading, writing, and arithmetic. One parent said it is her job to teach her children about the ‘birds and the bees.’

This is in North Hollywood! Could the madness be over?

The protest outside Saticoy became heated but was mostly peaceful, except for the brawls instigated by Antifa.  Counter-protesters – Antifa –  showed up to minimize the effect of the protest.

The school downplayed what parents called “grooming.”

“It’s a few pages just talking about the different types of families that exist,” said Los Angeles School Board Member Kelly Gonez as she spoke to the media outside the school amidst the protest. “I don’t think that there’s any credibility to any allegations that this would be inappropriate for students.”

They do more than talk about a few pages. For example, the school organized a gay pride assembly called the Rainbow Day Assembly. Rainbows are beautiful and appealing to children. They’ve become a hook for indoctrination, intentional or not. Since the gay pride movement is about sex and transgenderism, who can blame parents for protesting?

The school was reading books about gay pride families as well.

Ray Jones, a Pride supporter, said the counter-protest was to make sure love was spread.

“Hate’s always going to be there, and although it is disappointing, there are still people like me who are here to make sure that everything is alright and that our message of love is spread,” said Jones.

That’s just silly. It’s not hateful to not want your child to be sexualized. Calling it ‘hate’ is meant to silence all opposition.


Jack Satamian has two children at Saticoy. He’s among the group of parents planning to keep his children home on Friday and believes children should not be taught about “any kind of sexual preferences.”

“I didn’t bring them into this world for a teacher to explain to them what is gay — or what two men or two women do — some certain things should be left to the parents to decide whether they want their kids to be exposed to it or not — at least at a certain age.”

“I am not against the gay community,” he added. “Everybody choosing their own hat, what they want to do, but I do have a problem with them trying to bring it into an elementary school.”

Other parents like Erica Denesesn have no concerns.

“It’s how the world is today, and if you shield them from it, then it’s just going to make a bigger impact later… and it might be kinda sideways. I think it’s really great to expose them and just talk about everybody,” she said.

That is true, but is it the school’s job? Where is the line drawn?

The Armenian community led the protest, and the media labeled them as right-wing. They don’t seem to be. The protesters made short work of Antifa interference, so police intervened. Then the protest remained mostly peaceful.


The percentage of U.S. adults who identify as something other than heterosexual has doubled over the last ten years, from 3.5 percent in 2012 to 7.1 percent, according to the Gallup poll. The belief is it will exceed 10% in the future.

More than 1 in 5, or 21 percent, of Generation Z adults identify as LGBTQ, Gallup found. That’s almost double the proportion of millennials, who are 26 to 41, at 10.5 percent, and nearly five times the proportion of Generation X, who are 42 to 57, at 4.2 percent. Less than 3 percent of baby boomers, who are 58 to 76, identify as LGBTQ, compared to just 0.8 percent of traditionalists, who are 77 or older.

Sadly, the media and politicians don’t care what the people want.



  1. The problem with the Left is they don’t listen to mostly peaceful. They won’t start listening until there are AntiFa bodies in the street or at least in Jail, and The People go after the Politicians who won’t put them there. When the Politicians can’t hide from The People, they will listen again. And not until then! The Government allows the Alphabet Soup Crazies to indoctrinate your Children and until people fight back they will be protected by the Government. Make Laws to Stop these people then sue and jail them.

    The Government wants to force confrontation because that gives them more Tyrannical Powers. But most Tyrants are cowards hiding behind the power of Government. The second they realize Government has lost the power to protect them they run.

    The Congress has the power to jail every Bureaucrat who has contempt for Congress, but they won’t because the Congress are a bunch of Cowards. Attorney Generals around the country have the power to put Hunter Biden in jail and disrupt the whole Biden Crime Family Syndicate, but the AGs are cowards.

    Politicians only do their jobs when they are scared of The People. When the People Stand up as a Group, the Government will listen to The People again. The Government can’t put 75 Million MAGA Voters in Jail.

    When you break it down, the Alphabets Soup Crowd is just a bunch of perverts hiding behind free speech and civil rights to get access to children for sex. Where I live these people become alligator bate, which is why the don’t come down here! When you start putting these people in jail for life, the Cult will disappear. The Alphabet Soup Crowd is just a Liberal version of the Klan. The Klan wanted to control Blacks, the LGBTQIA2SS++ Pride Cult is just perverts who want control of your children.

    Much of this is grooming is done in school and on the Internet. There are already laws against this. Just enforce the laws dealing with predators. Schools teach the science; Families and Religious Communities teach the rest. If the Government isn’t willing to protect Children, then I guess it’s time to break out the tar and feathers. Protecting Children comes first; by any means necessary!

  2. How about the parents that are so upset with the pride stuff we start taking the gay children or the trans or the queers for the mentalist confused can we teach them about Christianity or religion? I think that’s a great idea. There should be no concerns about that, considering they want everyone to know about everything except religion, and that there were gonna burn in hell.


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