Mr. Grusch Testifies He Knows “Exact Locations” of the UFOs


Are we alone?

The UFO story could be a distraction more than real, but we have interesting testimony coming in. No evidence, but a witness with second-hand knowledge who gave sworn testimony.

David Grusch is a former mid-ranking civilian intelligence officer and Air Force veteran. In July 2021, Grusch filed a whistleblower complaint to the Defense Department’s inspector general alleging the existence of a covert public-private sector program to retrieve and exploit crashed, unidentified flying objects, or UFOs.

Mr. Grusch swore under oath to congressional lawmakers that the government is secretly hiding UFOs. He said he knows the “exact locations” where the UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) are hidden.

UFOs are also known as UAPs, Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena.


Mr. Grusch said he knows the exact locations “based on interviews of “over 40 witnesses over four years.”

He told the lawmakers he provided them to an inspector general. He said some were given to the congressional intelligence panels.

“I actually had the people with first-hand knowledge provide a protected disclosure to the inspector general,” Grusch added.

Grusch testified that “biologics came with some of these recoveries.”

He added that the “assessment of people with direct knowledge of the program” who are still involved with the project is that these biologics are “non-human.”

Grusch also said the U.S. government had possessed evidence of non-human intelligence as far back as the 1930s.

Grusch disputed a statement by Sean Kirkpatrick, head of the Department of Defense’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), tasked with investigating UAPs.

During testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee in April, Kirkpatrick said, “AARO has found no credible evidence thus far of extraterrestrial activity, off-world technology, or objects that defy the known laws of physics.”


Mr. Grusch has the credentials to know this kind of information potentially. He served in the Air Force, and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, and then at the National Reconnaissance Office. He was the NRO’s liaison to the then-UAP Task Force. Grusch appears to be well respected by those he served alongside.

What Grusch describes as the supposed crash retrieval program also fits with how a project like this could be kept secret.

It’s still second-hand, and secret government programs could be misconstrued.

It should not be secret from Congress or the American public if it is true.




  1. Without proof, it is unscientific to characterize these vehicles or their builders as extraterrestrial. The craft could well have been built on Earth without our knowledge (e.g., in remote ocean depths or Antarctic caves) by reclusive non-human beings who have been here for millennia. Perhaps they are the original Earthlings, and we the newcomers.

  2. OK, we have heard testimony after testimony from different individuals that the government has crashed space craft not of earth origin and even bodies of the occupants of these space craft. Time to stop banding about testimony and show proof. Where are the documents? Where are the pictures? Either produce or get off the pot.

    • You first, Tex. All you need to do is make the CIA or whoever give up their secrets, nothing to it. Just ask, they’ll jump to show you everything. Moron.

  3. I became a member of the “community” LONG before it was cool or mostly known about. I had read Project Bluebook by 1974-my Dad flew the “U” designated ‘craft in the USMC. His copy. It was on the same shelf with big operators manual of the ‘craft. Then, in 1977, that took a turn when I found a pre-flood artifact by dumb luck mostly, but having Dad’s keen eyes, too. You know in your DNA it’s “different”. (oh, it’s verified/electron scanned, sacrificed a tiny piece to the lab, all of it.). While I am NOT a ufo/et aliens person, I know who/what this is. It’s called BlueBeam.
    It’s an “end game”, of the same group, depicted on my artifact. They’re just gonna whip out some gee whiz Tesla tech in 3D, to fool most.
    It’s not called the “Apocalypse of the Revelations” for nothing.

  4. The ETs probably are not a threat. They intercepted transmissions from the biden administration and came to the conclusion that the planet has no intelligent life on it.

  5. The government has no credibility. This is a distraction from the ongoing destruction of America. The house “leaders” and executive branch would not have allowed this man to appear and reveal secrets without a purpose. This man took oaths to not do this. The corrupt GOP “leaders” will not subpoena vital witnesses on major criminal scandals, but they do this.

  6. This is a psyop to distract from the Bidens’ legal troubles. Expect things to get even more nutso as we get into the election cycle.

  7. It’s so astounding, to me, that everyone is jumping on this ridiculous distraction from Biden’s crimes. Crusch offers NOTHING but hearsay! He’s offered NOTHING new, and NO proof of anything at all! LOL! Not even a sliver of material or a photo of a tissue sample, let alone any proof of live aliens. I’m not saying that none of this is possible, but he’s offered NOTHING more than what everyone already knows. He’s just a Deep State scam to distract us.

    • Good morning, sir! Good to see all the good folks anymore, who KNOWS when they’re going to shut off the ‘net and our power!
      Op “Bluebeam” was ALWAYS the LAST, gasp endgame.

  8. What’s Next; we’ll see a government alien autopsy video.

    The ‘new and improved’ Bob Lazar on display. Just because someone from “the government” is “under oath” has little meaning these days. Everyone knows by now that these people suffer absolutely no consequences for perjury, that is, unless it’s a private citizen.

    The one clip I did see had him use the typical response of the hearing being an open session. That’s about as valid as using “under investigation” response.


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