Mr. Pence Took Down ISIS, Russians, Stopped the Invasion?


Mike Pence hopes he’s seen as helping to defeat ISIS, take down the Russian military in Syria, and keep Russia from invading Ukraine.

Mike Pence was on America’s Newsroom this morning and was asked to respond to Donald Trump’s claim that he could end the Ukraine war in 24 hours.

A puffed-up, Mike Pence said, “Well, I would say, look, the reason why Russia did not even attempt to redraw international lines by force during our administration is because we were strong. What’s this “we?”

“We made it clear that we not only had rebuilt our military but were willing to use military force in Syria. Our armed forces took down ISIS, and frankly, we took down over 100 Russian soldiers in a military engagement in Syria itself,” Pence said with feigned grit.

More Munitions, Send Them Faster

“So look, I understand President Zelensky’s frustration. The Russians were in Crimea, they had taken that area during the Obama years, but look, there’s only one pathway toward success here. And that is to give the Ukrainian military, much more quickly than Joe Biden has done, what they need to repel the Russian invasion and reclaim their country.”

He said it’s in the U.S. interest “to give the Ukrainians what they need to stop [Russians] there.”

“But Joe Biden’s been slow on it,” Pence said. “I mean, he just approved the cluster munitions, which the Russians have been using for a year and a half against Ukrainian forces.”

“I welcome the cluster munitions,” added Pence, who suggested that providing these weapons to Ukraine is key to the country’s success in battling Russia. “I think it ends by giving the Ukrainians what they need to win.”

The U.K., France, and Germany object and will discuss it in Vilnius at the NATO summit. Ukraine and Russia have already used cluster bombs in the war.

That’s all he wrote – send more munitions and send them quickly. Nothing creative came from Pence except his claim that he’s the tough guy. Watch the clip:



  1. Want to know what Pence really did?
    If you want to know exactly why J6 was orchestrated, and Pence’s involvement, go to The Conservative Treehouse and read the article last published on 6/27/23, entitled, in part, Parliamentary Motive.

  2. Pence is just another Deep Stater. He can HAVE the blame for Ukraine…there’s plenty to go around. I don’t mean blame him for the war. I mean blame him for helping send them more of our money and weapons than we used winning WWII. And for what? Russia was the aggressor…but I simply see 2 Eastern European dictators slugging it out. Let them do what they want over there. We have our own problems. Like the open border.

  3. The war in Ukraine is a border dispute between two tyrants. There are no vital U.S. interests at stake. The only people benefitting are the two tyrants themselves and those who are heavily invested in the U.S. defense industry. Cut off all non-humanitarian aid and stop the killing.

    • I can remember expressing dislike toward Pence years ago when Trump was campaigning — on Breitbart or some other so-called “conservative” site — and getting roundly downvoted.

      I also remember years and years ago getting perma-banned from Free Republic when I dared to suggest George W Bush was not a conservative but a big-government hack. I never looked back, and will not visit that site.

      Trump made some lousy personnel picks. It was his biggest flaw. Pence, Sessions, Priebus, Barr, Scaramucci, Bolton, etc etc ad nauseam.

      I want Trump to get the second term he was cheated out of in 2020, and will vote for him during the primary, but I dearly hope he’s learned some lessons, because the country has paid a heavy toll for his wretched personnel choices.

      • Excellent analysis. Either he had a lot of not good people around him, or he did not take advice when he should have.

    • On what do you base the serious charge he is a fake Christian.
      Have you met him? Have you talked to him? Can you read his heart and mind? I thought only God could do that!

      • Matthew 7:16 NMV“By their deeds you will know them. Does a man gather grapes from thorns or figs from briars?”

        Pence is a hypocrite and betrayed 75 million of us on January6, 2021. He will never be forgiven.

  4. I have nothing good to say about Pence the clueless self-righteous punchbowl turd. He ratted out his fraternity in college, got it suspended, screwed up the lives of his fraternal brothers. He didn’t learn a thing, hasn’t changed one bit. Kamala would get more votes from conservatives.

  5. Why do so many, with no chance, decide to ‘run’ for President. Is it so they can be introduced as “former Presidential candidate” when interviewed. How many would decide to run if they were given the title; “Failed Presidential candidate”. That would certainly change their ‘status’, and quite possibly their decision.

    • pence even failed at the job described as “not worth a bucket of warm piss.” (credit: John Nance “Cactus Jack” Garner).

  6. Pence supported the establishment position in Syria, that is, to resist Russia, not to combat ISIS. ISIS was destroyed through cooperation between Russia and Trump. Pence has no chance of winning anything or fixing his reputation. He is so desperate that his strategy is to appear on the RINO Channel and appeal to the corrupt establishment to please help him.

  7. What a Dick head…Took down ISIS or stopped funding and transporting them. (Hillary and Barry wiped out their headquarters in Mosul, lest we forget, because they did not ALL leave immediately they were ordered to help ‘garrison’ Aleppo). Crimea has been part of Russia BEFORE the USA was even dreamt of. Did he ever hear of the Donbas??? We’ll be in WW111 before we know it as the only ones allowed to ‘create wars’ are the Deep State, the EU and NATO ( and the flag wavers in the UN who have been openly – but unseen to the corrupted MSM – aiding the Central American “illegal invaders”…

    • May balanced wisdom and truth guide us and not the propaganda of politics.
      I understand your frustration with Pence, but the name calling, especial the suggestion he was thinking with his wrong head is mean and evil.
      He acted wisely and constitutionally in January 2021 as proven by the recent supreme court ruling.
      When he was confronted by an ill informed woman in Iowa, he handled it perfectly. (I think usually the site is good, but this the discussion was miss-characterised.)
      As for the Crimea, go back and study the history. Your mention of Russian control was in a sense only a blip in history. Others had a greater claim including the Lithuanians.
      With regard to the role of Pence during the time frame under discussion: I don’t believe there is a record of how Trump and Pence worked together, that would allow for the assumption you are making about Pence.
      I am not supporting Pence for President. I believe Trump may be the only one who can do what is necessary to, like Lincoln, save the Union.

      • Congress made a new law in 2021 because Pence did have the right to block counting. Pence also promised the grievances would be heard on the stolen elections, but he lied. He is an evil man.

      • You are delusional. Pence had every right to send the vote back to the states. It is absolutely constitutional. You must have missed the part after he made the decision where he and 5hat witch pelosi elbow bumped each other. You really think he is an upright Christian man? And Crimea was a khanate of the ottomans and timorlane before them. Not the polish Lithuanian duchy. And I CANT SAY 5HIS ENOUGH. WE DONT BELONG ON UKAINE, PERIOD. That situation is also religious as the three Russias of the holy Rus are Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Karin e was never a sovereign state either. It was always a protectorate. Putin is Russian orthodox. He knows church history and he doesn’t want the lgbtq trans filth coming in from the west in his country or on his border. Btw, Ukraine means borderlands. This isn’t our fight.

        • Veronica, read your history more carefully before name calling. I went back earlier in history that you did and chose a rather insignificant controlling power to make a point. Who preceded the Greeks? Does it matter? Can China claim Viet Nam?
          I want it. so I claim that something from my great great grandmother’s past gives me a claim?
          It is something called argument ad’absurdom’.

          “In logic, reductio ad absurdum ( Latin for “reduction to absurdity”), also known as argumentum ad absurdum ( Latin for “argument to absurdity”) or apagogical arguments, is the form of argument that attempts to establish a claim by showing that the opposite scenario would lead to absurdity or contradiction.”

    • Crimea was won by the Russian empire from the Ottoman Empire in the late 18th century and was a warm water port for the Russian empire and the Soviet Union. Crimea never was part of Ukraine prior to that. It was an ottoman khanate filled mostly with tartars. For some strange reason Nikita Khrushchev, who was part Ukrainian ceded Crimea back to Ukraine in the early 1960s, probably in a vodka fueled moment.


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