MS-13, 18th St. Gang, Russian Syndicates Sponsor Migrant Children


Whether internatonal or not, it can be argued that the US Government has become the middleman in a large scale, multi-billion-dollar, child trafficking operation run by bad actors seeking to profit off the lives of children.

~ Tara Rodas

There is a good chance you have not heard about Tara Rodas, although she is a whistleblower exposing HHS and child trafficking in the United States. According to former HHS worker Tara Rodas, HHS has taken in more than 300,000 unaccompanied children and has lost contact with 85,000.


There is no financial requirement for a sponsor of an unaccompanied child. Transnational criminal actors are involved in sponsoring children. There is only one for adults.

Ms. Rodas became aware of the tragedy of children ending up with traffickers when she saw “DHS whistleblower American hero Aaron Stevenson come forward and say, ‘Look, I have evidence of MS-13, 18th St. gang, Russian Balkan crime syndicates sponsoring the children’.”

She worked at the Pomona Fairplex, where they had 20 to 40 children in apartment buildings and 300 children in a three-square-mile area.

“That doesn’t pass the common sense test,” she told the Judicial Watch investigator. “I saw sponsors who were sponsoring at different addresses. So they’re trying to get kids from multiple sites. We had one sponsor – this was just stunning to me – he was trying to get one child from our site and then three children from the Pecos emergency intake site in Texas.”

“So I’ve seen sponsors trying to simultaneously sponsor four children at once, and I’ve seen apartment buildings where … one apartment in an apartment building … had multiple sponsors who had sponsored multiple kids. This just did not pass the common sense test.”

She forwarded the cases to the HHS Office of Inspector General, reporting to Homeland Security Investigations. In the end, Mrs. Rodas was walked out of the building and offered security to fly home because her life was in danger. And the border is still wide open, and 85,000 children are missing, and the list is growing.

Unaccompanied children handed over to unvetted adults. How many are perverts.Close the border, Get rid of sanctuaries and criminals.
In her sworn testimony before Congress, Mrs. Rodas said:
“I want to see the children protected, so I want to tell you some of what I witnessed at the Pomona Fairplex:
  • I saw vulnerable indigenous children from Guatemala who speak Mayan dialects and can’t speak Spanish. That means they can’t ask for help in English, and they can’t ask for help in Spanish. These children become captive to their Sponsors.
  • I’ve sat with Case Managers as they cried, retelling horrific things that were done to children on the journey.
  • I saw apartment buildings where 20, 30 & 40 unaccompanied children have been released.
  • I saw sponsors trying to sponsor children from multiple ORR sites simultaneously.
  • I saw sponsors using multiple addresses to obtain sponsorships of children.
  • I saw numerous cases of children in debt bondage, and the child knew they had to stay with the sponsor until the debt was paid.”


Excerpt of the Interview with Mrs. Rodas

Full Interview




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