MSNBC Goes All Out Blaming Israel for Being Viciously Attacked


Something as obvious as the victimization of Israel, and MSNBC is making excuses for Hamas by interviewing Israeli haters – anti-Semites. MSNBC and the people they interviewed kept calling the Israeli government far-right. They aren’t far right but aren’t left-wing enough to suit MSNBC. That could be why they blame Israel for Hamas attacking them.

They interviewed some guy on the street who says they get daily provocations from Israel; another said, WHAT OTHER CHOICE DID THEY HAVE? The entire supercut is like that. One propagandist claimed Israel commits war crimes and the world is blind and deaf to Palestinians’ concerns.

The Gazans don’t like border controls, but the controls are to protect Israel.

They’re still claiming they’re occupied. They haven’t been occupied since 2005, but they will be again.

The propagandists who were interviewed kept playing on MSNBC’s leftism and claiming the Israeli government is very right-wing.

MSNBC doesn’t like Bibi because he’s not far left enough, and they want him deposed.

How anyone can blame Israel for what is going on is mind-boggling. It’s so absurd, and they’ll probably get away with it.



  1. The4 Stench of 44 is all over this! Trump was making progress to have peace in the middle east. Democrats can’t let that happen. 44 regime and Iran.

  2. Hamas did the attack, not Israel, We pay no attention to communist MSNBC.

    But this attack is suspicious. I want to know how USA intel is assisting Hamas.

    • Biden and the Democrats have failed and can not get a win on th economy, border, or crime. I’m thinking that 6 billion Iran payment was to make this happen, not to hurt Israel but to hurt Trump. Trump has been talking about how he got some peace in the middle east while President. They want his destroyed and will kill whom ever it takes to make it happen. Anyone but Trump , they can’t kill him because he would be the Martyr.

      • Exactly correct. This resident burdens administration has done everything to reverse all of Trumps policies of it were like he never was President.


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