MTG Doesn’t Want the J6 Tapes Released


What happened to Marjorie Taylor Greene? She’s repeating Speaker McCarthy’s and Democrat’s talking points. Greene said releasing the tapes endangers the Capitol. Meanwhile, detailed plans of the Capitol are available online.

Her other comment is another talking point. She said people who were at the Capitol could be targeted. That’s another red herring. MTG says that she fears Soros groups will go through the tapes and dox people, turning them over to the FBI. The truth is that the FBI has gone through them and can dox them with facial recognition without any help from Soros groups.

Release the tapes so Americans know exactly what went on during the riot/parade/rally. MTG knows that the tapes have been cherry-picked by the Left. We need to know exactly what happened. We can handle it.

MTG is becoming a talking point.




  1. .MTG is a mole, a plant, a RINO Democrat. The only person getting my support in the coming election is Trump. No one else is for real.

  2. Boy, Talk about taking a dump in your Rice Krispies MTG has done it at warp speed
    IMHO, she has destroyed her political career.
    She got elected to office posing as a MAGA supporter but everything she has done and said in the last few weeks contradicts it.
    Her support of uber Rino and uni party member McCarthy says everything you need to know about her. She looks to be the next Liz Cheney, an unelectable politician in the future.

  3. 35 comment already! Wow!
    There certainly should be some concerns about her mental health.
    I am not saying that as a dig, but with genuine concern for her as a person. Without meeting with her I would not want to offer a diagnosis, but there are several biggies in the DSM that come to mind. Those that care for her should encourage her to seek help. Calling her names will not help. It might make it worse.

  4. MTG is crass and not particularly bright. and dishonest.

    While she may have better command of the English language than Kamala Harris. she is otherwise a Republican version of the same intellectual train wreck.

  5. MTG is a flaming idiot. She also made the inane claim that if they didn’t vote for her lover (or her mega crush), they would put in a Democrat speaker. Puh-lease…she just made a complete fool of herself. She’s a neoRINO, redneck swamp honey that needs to get voted out instead of running around sniffing McCarthy like a dog in heat.

  6. I’d say “they” got to her, but let’s be real. She never actually did anything when the Nazi Party was in control, other then troll them. She did a pretty good job…trolling…but so what. Now that the Surrender Party is in charge, she seems to be little more than McCarthy’s knob polisher. Being not particularly skilled in actual statesmanship, then, her vote (and her mouth) probably was bought for very little.

  7. Notice folks that MTG just did another one of her stunts in session. She showed dirty pictures of Hunter today in congress.

    That is a cheap stunt. She betrays us on the important things, then she tries to play heroine in session. That is so cheap. But it fools lots of people.

    I am OK with showing the dirty pictures, but not as a stunt while she hides the J6 videos. Beware of this woman.

  8. Anyone walking around in public relinquishes their right to privacy and should expect to be identified and the subject of photography or videotaping. MTG is spending too much time with the RINO leadership — and carrying their water.

  9. This should have already been addressed somewhere. I haven’t seen it get the attention it deserves. Revolver has video of Ray Epps and his buddies removing signs reading “Restricted Area, No Access”, or something to that effect. The video also shows Ray Epps and buddies removing the barriers leading to the capital. Then they encouraged the crowd (who did not know they were trespassing) to move forward and enter the capital. This is the definition of entrapment. Have any of the defense lawyers for J6 prisoners used this argument? This is just a brief overview – there are so many more obvious arguments that could be made but entrapment is a slam dunk. Surely defense attorneys should be aware of this. Makes no sense.

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    • Revolver – Meet Ray Epps:Part 2
      It’s all you need to prove the truth. Leave it to the internet to solve what our own damn usless government can’t or won’t.
      How has this article not been used by Republicans?

  10. Nothing but rationalizations. The DOJ has already done what she is so afraid of but when you need a pathetic excuse claim you’re just helping people.

  11. MTG what happened? At least show us the tapes on the Iron Door as to who opened the secure door. The FBI has already doxed the people inside.

  12. The American STASI got to her with some
    damning closet skeleton so now she does what she is told.
    What is on those tapes puts the lie to the “insurrection”
    narrative they are using to smear patriotic people who
    saw their election stolen in 2020. J6 is ALL about
    hiding the stolen election.

    Our filthy government is completely corrupt.

  13. Another one turned RINO, drank to much of the water. It’s up to her constituents to determine what they want. Probably going to be another lifer to the swamp.

  14. Why would you doubt her? John Solomon continues to vet and release footage of the tapes as this is published. Yes the corruption of our President and Executive Branch is infuriating. It isn’t going to be addressed on a dime.

    • Despite the efforts of Tucker, Taibbi and Solomon, less than 1% of the Jan6th video has been “made public” as RINO McCarthy promised.

    • Why would you trust her? I have seen no footage of any significance released by Solomon, so I consider your claim to be invalid. I think you make things up.

      What are you imagining you are referring to with this “addressed on a dime”? This event happened 2.5 years ago. The evidence of the crimes by the feds has been coming out since the beginning. People are being tortured, denied rights, and falsely given huge prison time for nothing.

      Hey how about the house, which controls the films, release them, instead of some cowardly reporter of questionable credibility?

      Get a grip on yourself and try to write better propaganda.

  15. If the government of the people, by the people and for the people (them) don’t trust the people, (us), we should have a new government. I want every minute of the video and testimony. I want the Nashville manifesto. I want to see Biden’s tax records. I want time, dates and names of Epstein’s fun house.

  16. Scummy Whore’s are and can be TRAITORS too!
    PEOPLE, WAKE UP! The GOP-UNI-PARTY is Part of the Democrat Fascist Party!!!!
    THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS OUR DOMESTIC ENEMY (Get that Out of the Way right Now)
    Know who the Real Enemy is People!
    The Federal Government, ALL OF THEM, Both Parties & All Employee’s(Brown Shirts)!
    We are HEADED for a CIVIL WAR again, against the same Party that was in Power & started Slavery in USA! The DEMOCRAT PARTY! The ONLY people in the COUNTRY who have NEVER taken Responsibility for Their PART in SLAVERY & OTHER EVIL ACTS? and they’re Up too they old tricks again! GREED and Lusting for Power! Like Hunter Craves a Crack-Rocks, these Cowards, CRAVE Power! So they can do EVIL EVIL THINGS because they are EVIL EVIL PEOPLE!!!!

    • Gaetz is not. Biggs is not. Many are not. You are putting good people in the same category as the bad. That is not a strategy for improvement.

  17. MTG is an obvious turncoat. That is why the freedom caucus ejected her.

    She was at Turning Point, because she was mistakenly invited a while back, so they gave her a less visible speaking slot. Charlie Kirk is slow and wrong a lot. He has a history of these errors. I’d bet she will not be invited again.

    My understanding is that she has widespread disapproval among conservatives in congress and the media, such as Bannon.

    The moment she supported McCarthy was the moment anyone should have known what she is. She is a person who will reverse beliefs which she pretended to fervently hold.

    • MTG and Lindsey Graham are too busy trying on each others wardrobe to worry about the business of We The People> Remember this on election day and vote for a better candidate. MTg has proven herself to be a RINO>


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