MTG on the Debt Bill: Betrayer or Realist?


Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) and Thomas Massie voted for the debt ceiling bill, which only passed with 149 Republican votes. It passed with more Democrat votes than Republican votes. MTG explained why on Rob Schmitt last night.

Betrayer or Realist

Primarily, she was interested in the Massie amendment. She feels that the tool provided by the amendment can help them kill the weaponization of the government. For example, she believes they can cancel the DOJ’s new facility. With each item listed separately, the House can defund them individually.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) filed an amendment Tuesday requiring the Treasury to prioritize payments using a five-tiered structure. He voted for the debt deal negotiated by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and President Joe Biden based on this amendment getting through.

The tiered payment structure he introduced would prioritize different payments. Tier 1 would include public debt, Social Security, and Medicare payments. Tier 2 would consist of Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs payments. Tier 3 would include payments for programs not designated in a tier. Tier 4 would include compensation for the executive branch and other government activities. Tier 5 would consist of compensation for members of Congress.

[Are we confident it will get through the Senate?]

She also felt that at least this way, they got something. Anything is a win because they don’t have the power they need. MTG said Chuck Schumer lined up 60 votes in the Senate. that means eleven RINOs, the usual suspects, planned to vote for the bill.

Conservatives need more Republicans in office who are actually Republicans.

Betrayer or realist? You tell me.

The Democrats’ only platform appears to be to buy off people, and they will spend until we crash. They don’t care if our economy crashes. They still win. That’s what Republicans are up against.




  1. MTG is a Dreamer. She is hoping that they can control the Budget process this summer, but the UniParty will just pass an Omnibus Bill filled with Pork for the 2024 Election Season. Republicans had one Shot and Missed.

    Republicans grabbed for too much. They should have passed a Clean Debt Extension until 1 Oct 2023 for maybe 750 Billion and fought for every dollar in the Budget Process. The problem is that Republicans are Dreamers. They seem to think Democrats have morals and care about the Constitutional Republic. Democrats are Tyrannical Communist. You can’t negotiate with Communist since they are also Criminals and Terrorist.

    I had a interesting breakfast the other day. The gist is that we should give up on the Republican Party and all become Democrats. At least with a Single Party we might be able to get some Blue Dog Democrats Elected instead of the Insane Crazies. There are just too many Moderates (Wankers) in the Republican Party.

  2. MTG is using a weak gimmick as an excuse. It is the people she supported who are not going after the weaponization of government. Expecting Massie, regarded as a crackpot by her precious do nothing leaders, to fix the weaponization, is a major contradiction, and stupid of her.

    She is a betrayer of her own beliefs, which she stated emphatically until she supported McCarthy. That is how to measure her. She now signals as a conservative and acts as a RINO.

  3. like all republicuck politicians she is a traitor, the uni-party strikes again they just can’t destroy this nation & loot the treasury fast enough

      • demonrat voters are as bat shit crazy as the politicians they vote for & republicuck voters are just gulible enough to fall for the smoke & mirrors their politicians put out to get themselves reelected continuously. i thank you for your mindless comment that validates my comment


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