Murdoch Must Surrender! Trump Will Win the Primary


According to the latest Fox News poll, despite the best efforts of the Murdoch empire, the Republican base is becoming more solidly behind Donald Trump as the candidate for 2024. No one is even close, and DeSantis is losing ground as people rally behind Donald Trump.

Donald Trump now polls at 60%, Ron DeSantis at 13%, Vivek Ramaswamy at 11%, Nikki Haley at 5%, Tim Scott and Mike Pence and Undecided tie at 3%, and, finally, self-described stalker Chris Christie is at 2%. Asa Hutchinson managed 1% of the vote. The other six candidates polled below 1%.

A desperate Murdoch family tried promoting DeSantis and recently started touting other candidates like Tim Scott, Mike Pence, and then Nikki Haley.

The base supports Donald Trump. Murdoch couldn’t propagandize them into another candidate.

This morning on Sid & Friends, former gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin said that beginning with the Alvin Bragg charges, the base came to realize the Left isn’t just going after Donald Trump. They’re going after all Republicans and Conservatives.

Republican pollster Daron Shaw, who conducts the Fox News Poll with Democrat Chris Anderson, said, “The question is, how likely is it that something changes enough to shake Trump’s Republican supporters loose and get them to look at someone else?”

Pollster Anderson said, “Support for Trump is so strong in the Republican primary that any signs of growth among his rivals also spurs backlash among Trump loyalists,” says Anderson. “It’s increasingly difficult to see a winning pathway out of the primary for anyone not named Trump.”

President Biden has also widened his lead in the Democratic presidential primary race:  71% of Democratic primary voters back him, up from 64% in August. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. receives 17%, while Marianne Williamson garners 6%. You’d think they’d prefer RFK, but nooooo.

Democrats are fine with a mentally deranged figurehead. That should tell you something about their ability to lead and their goals for the future.

When Lee Zeldin was on with Sid Rosenberg this morning, he said, “People are saying Donald Trump has to prove his innocence.” No, he doesn’t. He’s innocent until proven guilty; they have to prove him guilty. Even some Republicans are saying this. They don’t realize that the agencies have been weaponized. You can see it by the way they’re going after Donald Trump.

He also talked about the meaning of ‘America First.’

“… the contrast when you don’t see the leadership from Joe Biden. Would you see a surge of illegal migrants coming inside our country? You know it’s the policies of Joe Biden; you know that the policies of Donald Trump were doing such a better job in securing our borders.

“… you see inflation numbers popping, and you know how good the economy was in the United States just before COVID hit. When you see the money that is flowing to Ukraine right now, you start thinking to yourself, well, I, you know, I never thought,I never considered myself to be America first, but what does that mean exactly? ‘Oh, you know what? Yeah, we should be prioritizing maybe the Maui fires and having full-blown support there. And, by the way, all the money going to Ukraine, yeah, what’s so bad with knowing how the money is getting spent?’

The Left could end up imprisoning Donald Trump, and Republicans will expose some very nasty information about Joe Biden. It won’t be boring.



  1. Democrats are fine with a mentally deranged figurehead. That should tell you something about their ability to lead and their goals for the future.” M. Dowling

    So true. It makes one wonder how the mind of a Democrat works. What kind of a person, in what kind of culture, wants his/her country led by the likes of Joe? Are they lemmings running off a cliff to drown in the sea? Such mass suicide makes no sense.

  2. It’s a landslide, an incredible embarrassment for Faux and the rest of the RINO establishment. The base has no respect for them, and that is not going to change. RDS ruined his future, in a huge political blunder.

    Vivek embarrasses the 2nd tier candidates by showing how weak they are. Vivek makes obvious statements which the rest of them are afraid to say.

    The next plan is to continue trying to take Trump off primary ballots, or put him in jail, or cheat in the vote counts. There are no more honest options for them to beat Trump. We now reenter the criminal stage.


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