Navy Sailor Spies Have Ties to Wisconsin


The two Navy sailors arrested for spying for China have ties to Wisconsin. The two men spied in two separate cases, but both have connections to Wisconsin and were born in China. Should we worry about Wisconsin?

Jinchao Patrick Wei went to Delavan High School. His only relative in the United States is his mother, who told him to spy so he might get a position with the Chinese Communists after the Navy.

Wenheng Thomas Zhao asked for leave to visit his mother-in-law in Wisconsin.

Wei’s home state is Wisconsin. He appears to have graduated in 2019 from Delavan-Darien School District. A 2020 traffic ticket also shows a Jinchao Wei listed with a Delavan address.


Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned that the Chinese Communist government was infiltrating state and local governments.

“We see it all over in America’s Sister Cities programs, like the ones on Door County, La Crosse, Milwaukee, and Richland Center,” Pompeo told Republican lawmakers in the state Senate chambers. “They fall under the authority of something called the Chinese Peoples Association of Friendship with Foreign Countries. Sounds benign. But that group is part of China’s United Front Work Department, the CCP’s official overseas propaganda tool.”

“As of its last report, the Wisconsin Retirement System is invested in China Mobile and China Telecom. Both are state-owned giants, and they’re an integral part of the Chinese Orwellian surveillance system. Do you want your teachers, your firefighters, and your policemen invested in those kinds of activities?”

Pompeo warned Republican lawmakers during a speech in the Wisconsin Senate chamber at the Capitol in Madison.

How powerful are the Chinese Communists in Wisconsin? Are they in the state university, which has gone very far left?



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