Netherlands Seizes Housing


The Netherlands government won’t stop at seizing farmers land as it turns out. They are now coming after housing. A new Housing Act forces some home owners to sell only to people in a lower or middle income bracket. The government will decide who can purchase property. They will force sales at under market value.

To refuse to sell to a “marginalized group” would be illegal.

Municipalities are allowed to cap the equity on their homes under this law. However, it only affects houses selling for up to $355,000. The wealthy can still sell for whatever price they want. It’s the poorer people who will suffer. They’re suppressing prices artificially. Rental prices will increase because investors won’t buy homes in certain areas. It also leads to more gentrification.

The law gives municipalities the power to force someone selling their home to sell to people with a lower or middle income, AD reports.

The rulers love their totalitarian power, and are now using their arbitrary might for ideological reasons. They have taken over the housing market. They will decide who can buy and for what price.

The bill also lets municipalities reserve half of owner-occupied homes and rentals. The municipalities will use them for their locals or people with crucial professions like teachers and police officers.

There is resistance from coalition parties VVD and D66 due to the unfairness and the problems it creates in selling a home. However, Pieter Grinwis of coalition party ChristenUnie called the objections “typical liberal individualism.”

According to him, the law puts affordable homes within reach of the average citizen. “Now house seekers in a village are being outbid by people from outside who have a lot of money to spend.”

It won’t do that.

This is something Democrats would love.



  1. The leftist hippies of the 1960s and 1970s who hated the government and anyone with power, are now in power and are worse tyrants than those they are replacing.

    It would be funny if it was not so sad.

  2. The assault on individual rights — particularly property rights — is worldwide. Either we stand and fight while we still have the strength and the weapons, or we may as well surrender.

    • The way the elite are mistreating citizens, tax payers…it is entirely possible that there will be a revolt, civil unrest or even civil war in certain nations.


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