New Comprehensive Study on a COVID Drug Meant to Cure It


The SARS-CoV-2 virus is undergoing an unexpected pattern of changes. According to a study, an oral antiviral treatment called molnupiravir used to treat COVID-19 causes changes in the viral genome during replication.

While the drug harm or kill the virus, it also induces other persistent mutations.

Molnupiravir or Lagevrio, manufactured by Merck and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics, reduces the body’s viral burden, but it’s also creating variants. Molnupiravir is causing new COVID variants.

An international team of experts analyzed around 15 million SARS-CoV-2 sequences to pinpoint exactly how the coronavirus has changed over time. They have issued this warning.

It doesn’t kill all the virus, and some mutate and spread.

That has been the rap against this drug from the beginning.

The study unveiled minute clusters of these mutations, indicating their inter-patient transmission. Currently, the researchers have said that there is no evidence linking these mutational fingerprints to any recognized variations of concern.

The journal Nature published the full findings here.

In December of last year, Dr. Panda advised everyone to stop taking the COVID anti-viral Molnupiravir immediately! A study in The Lancet, conducted with a relatively large randomized trial, found the FDA-approved anti-viral Molnupiravir failed to reduce hospitalizations or deaths. It also might be dangerous. Additionally, there was powerful evidence it creates new variants.

FDA-approved, dangerous drug.

According to Dr. Panda, not only did the FDA already know about Molnupiravir’s potential to create new variants. The FDA also knew of its ability to cause cancerous tumors. They knew it could cause birth defects. They approved it anyway. 

It’s spreading the virus variants.



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