New York Calls for Reparations, Erasing Criminal Records, & Wearing Masks Indoors


A New York bill is part of a national push to provide reparations for African Americans. Democratic lawmakers in New York hope the Legislature will approve SB1163A in the coming days.

“There’s a real question of whether slavery would have been economically feasible without New York,” Democrat James Sanders Jr. told Politico. “New York provided the insurance for the slave industry; New York paid for many of the votes; New York bought much of the cotton.”

In other words, it’s New York’s fault. This is the greed and politics of envy that socialism brings.

Sanders and other Democrats want a commission to study reparations for blacks by a state that was not a slave state. It was one of the eleven free states.


Albany is ending its legislative session by calling for a Clean Slate bill. It would seal conviction records for most crimes and misdemeanors after a specified period. Hochul was noncommittal on signing it.

“We also have to be smart about it,” Hochul told reporters in Albany. “And are there opportunities to find out, is there a record in another state, for example? And is someone else convicted of a crime related to sexual assault or something dealing with children? So there are areas we want to fine-tune. But that was an outgrowth of what we talked about in the budget.”

Hochul plans to use college campuses for unvetted illegal aliens. They would make good hunting grounds for the terrorists and criminals pouring into the country.

“We are looking at all state assets to help ameliorate the problem that is at a crisis level here in the city of New York, so yes, SUNY campuses are part of the inventory of what we’re looking at,” Hochul said during a Wednesday press conference.


Comrade Kathy wants people to wear masks indoors because of the ash blowing in from Quebec. Four hundred forest fires are burning in Canada as we speak. Mrs. Hochul never misses an opportunity to tell us to mask up.



  1. Lol. I apologize, but the clown show in Albany is too much to bear. Masks indoors to protect us from the smoke outside. Really folks, please don’t take the bait.

  2. How about taking away our houses and giving them to black people. We’ll live in the garage if its OK with them. Offer up your daughters for some shimy sham. Just turn the country upside down. In olden days, Hochul would be dragged out and hung by the neck until dead. I miss the olden days.

    • I’m reminded of the old western movies when the bad guys would ride into town and see one or two people hanging dead just for stealing a horse. They would think twice about even stopping let alone starting trouble. Also thinking about certain penalties for crimes committed in other countries such as cutting off hands and being tossed off a tall building. Or as my dad used to say, “Behave or else!”


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