Newmax Anchor Gets Threatening Mail from the White House


As we reported, White House advisor Ian Sams sent a threatening letter to the media (read below). They want the House Republicans scrutinized for making “demonstrably false claims that they’re basing the impeachment stunt [of Joe Biden] on.”

Since it’s coming from the White House Counsel’s office, the suggestion is more of a threat than a suggestion.

Dysfunction Inside.

The letter quoted nine House Republicans saying they don’t see direct evidence of corruption by Joe Biden. The letter then quotes CNN reporting there are as many as 30 House Republicans who don’t believe there’s enough evidence yet for impeachment. So, obviously, that’s what they want reported.

Sams claims that they investigated for nine months and found no evidence. Clearly, that is not true. They have found evidence, albeit circumstantial, at this point. The goal of an impeachment inquiry is to be able to subpoena further evidence and find out if there are more direct connections. An impeachment inquiry gives them subpoena power.

The letter was very harsh and partisan, criticizing Speaker McCarthy and calling the Republicans liars and “hucksters” “peddling disinformation everywhere from Facebook to Fox.” Sams added House Republican leaders should be held accountable. According to him, everything is unfounded.

Ironically, one of the people they sent this to is a conservative anchor on Newsmax he had something to say about that. He blasted them:

As former gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin wrote on Instagram:

“There is zero evidence of wrongdoing talking about the Biden’s other than text emails, WhatsApp messages, whistleblower testimony, Hunter laptop, Biden video to Shokin, bank records, government documents, phone calls, business meetings, statements of former partners and clients, Hunter’s own words.”

WH Letter p1 by M Dowling on Scribd

WH letter p 2 by M Dowling on Scribd




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