Nikki Haley’s Mini-Bush Town Hall on CNN


During a CNN town hall on Sunday night, Presidential candidate Nikki Haley, polling at 4%, didn’t describe the threat of millions of unvetted people crossing our borders as existential. She did describe Ukraine losing the war as an existential threat to democracy throughout the world. [The US is a constitutional Republic, not a democracy.]

About immigration, she promoted Donald Trump’s past efforts.

Haley said she would reinstate the provisions of Title 42 and defund sanctuary cities as part of her plan to fix the US immigration system. If elected, she also vowed to institute a national e-verify program for confirming workers’ immigration status, reinstate the “Remain in Mexico” policy for migrants awaiting immigration proceedings and cut off undocumented immigrants from entitlement programs.

Protecting us from wars, not so much.

Haley believes Ukraine somehow protects freedom worldwide and brings about the end of tyranny. That’s straight out of World War II, but the world has changed. As they think in 1939 terms, China is spending money to build up nations, and Russia and China are working with nearly 90 nations to get them off the dollar.

Haley says this war in Ukraine is “about freedom, and it’s one we have to win. You look at those Ukrainians and what they did when Russia invaded their freedoms. They moved in there, went to the front lines, and fought for their country. The women said we’re not going to stay back. They made Molotov cocktails to defend their country. Everybody gave them five days to survive, but yet their passion and their will push them forward.”

They are courageous, but we are responsible for Ukraine lasting more than five days.

“What we have to understand is a win for Ukraine is a win for all of us because tyrants tell us exactly what they’re going to do. What we heard, China said they were going to take Hong Kong. They did it. [Britain gave it back to them as they said they would]

“Russia said they were going to invade Ukraine. We watched that happen. China says Taiwan’s next. We better believe them. Russia said Poland and the Baltics are next. [They didn’t say that. An exiled Russian Oligarch said that.]

The US and Europe went to a shadow war with Russia over Ukraine. That’s how Russia sees it.

“If that happens, we’re looking at a World War. This is about preventing war, and so the way you prevent war is not that we give cash to Ukraine, not that we put troops on the ground, but that we get with our allies, and we make sure that we give them the equipment and the ammunition to win. Because when Ukraine wins, that sends a message to China with Taiwan. It sends a message to Iron that wants to build a bomb. Sends a message to North Korea testing ballistic missiles, and it sends a message to Russia that it’s over.

“That’s what we have to do, and keep in mind everybody wants to know: Well, how does this war end? It would end in a day if Russia would pull out of Ukraine. [If they don’t] pull out then we’re all looking at a World War.”

“What got the Europeans in this position with Russia in the first place is that they’re too trustful. You can’t be trustful of a regime that goes in and tries to take away people’s freedoms. What we need to understand is that Ukraine has the ability to win. But we have to think bigger than that. And for them to sit there and say that this is a territorial dispute [referencing Ron DeSanis], that’s just not the case. To say that we should stay neutral, it is in the best interest of America. It’s in the best interest of our national security for Ukraine to win. We have to see this through. We have to finish it.”

Ukraine’s infrastructure is slowly being destroyed.

Donald Trump believes peace will not be until something is given to Russia.

What Russia wanted and was promised is that NATO would stay out of Ukraine; and they wanted the Donbas – where guerilla fighting has raged since 2014 – to remain neutral. Germany and France brokered an agreement to do that with Minsk 2 and now admit they fooled Russia to buy time to build up Ukraine’s army.

NY Times’ Trip Gabriel writes:

On policies both foreign (like Ukraine) and domestic (such as Social Security), Ms. Haley’s positions were a throwback to typical Republican Party stances before its populist takeover by Mr. Trump. Her reasoned manner was also an anomaly in a race where Mr. Trump and Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida compete with displays of dominance. Both factors have made Ms. Haley, the only woman in the Republican race, an also-ran so far.

She calls herself a new generational leader, but to me, she sounds like a mini-Bush. What do you think?

Where is Bush these days? He hasn’t said anything about the Durham report.




  1. Niki H. is not a true conservative! She is a NEOCON (NC) like Senator Graham (LG) and Hannity! Have you ever seen Hannity ask Graham a hard question? Research the roots of NC ideology! They are very good at masquerading as “real” conservatives. In June of 2022 a famous NC Mark Levin (ML) labeled MAGA supporters as schizophrenics. Why would he do that? NC do not like anything that alters the status quo. Trump was/is a threat to the system that’s why most NC did not support Trump. Some reluctantly came round to supporting Trump but many did not. It took Beck a while to support Trump. Rubin on Blaze rails against Trump as part of the problem not a solution. ML recently became a Blaze TV host. NC do not report what other NC say if it will offend true conservatives. Here is an example. LG said US should fire on Russian jets, Blaze did not report that. When LG said the tax payer money given to Ukraine “it’s the best money we ever spent” Blaze reported NOT that it was absurd to say that but Blaze thought it was wrong of Zelenskyy to have altered the video. Beware of NEOCONs!

  2. She is an overly ambitious and artificial candidate. She has picked positions on a list of issues to get funding and support. She seems to have no core other than a desire to move up in the world.

    RINOs will make false claims such as “I will defund sanctuaries” knowing that congress will never do that in its corrupt spending ways. There is a backroom nod.

  3. Note all these politicians talk of “American interests”. What exactly is the meaning of that phrase. Islamic nations have complained for years about the West ‘exporting’ their decadence to their countries. It is a similar complaint by those in the Donbass about “European values” which wanted to bring perversion to their religious culture, and they wanted no part of that.

    It is the West, and the US specifically, that has and is interfering with the culture and politics of many nations, notwithstanding the complaints of foreign interference in US elections.

    The Grayzone interviewed Leslie Aun of NED about being a “cutout” of the CIA. The focus of that overshadowed the real danger of NED, i.e., the interference in foreign countries and domestic politics. When questioned on supporting groups, she had the audacity to claim, “isn’t that what democracy is..”. If so, then complaints of Russian or Chinese influence in US elections should have no merit.


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