NJ School Children Identifying as Non-Binary Is Up 4,000%


The number of students in New Jersey public schools who openly identify as “non-binary” has gone up by a staggering 4,000% in the past four years, according to enrollment data published by the state’s Department of Education.

New Jersey is a far-left state run by Democrats. The report found 675 K-12 students identifying as gender non-confirming in the 2022-2023 school year. The year before it was 16. Of all the non-binary students in New Jersey this year, 41 are in elementary school.

New Jersey Democrats insist schools should not inform parents if their child switches identity.


One school board passed a policy requiring staff to inform parents on issues impacting a child’s health. The state’s leftist attorney general Matthew Platkin sued the district for discrimination against LGBTQ students. Far-left Gov. Phil Murphy supported the lawsuit.

“Hanover Township Board of Education’s new policy requiring staff to ‘out’ LGBTQ students to their parents violates the rights of our students—jeopardizing their well-being and mental health,” Murphy said in May.

Erika Sanzi, director of outreach at parental rights nonprofit Parents Defending Education, said the jump in “non-binary” students comes as no surprise, pointing to school policy and curriculum that is “completely based in gender ideology.”

What about their immaturity or their parents’ rights? Florida Gov. DeSantis correctly described it as a parental rights issue.

All in all, the state AG is suing three school districts for affording parental rights.

They are coming for the children, and they’re succeeding.

Female teacher holding LGBT pride flag and explaining to children meaning of it.

The school officials are normalizing queer theory and unwittingly or wittingly brainwashing children. NJ enforces an LGBTQIA+ curriculum. No one has figured out how being LGBTQIA+ has anything to do with a person’s accomplishments.

A survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in April found that approximately one in four high-school students now consider themselves to be LGBTQ.

The CDC says the number of LGBTQ students went from 11 percent in 2015 to 26 percent in 2021.

Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy stated that the rising number of LGBTQ-identifying children and adults is “not visibility” but “a social contagion of a mental health epidemic.”

The Left, creators of the Marxist-based ideology taking over the USA, deliberately destroys the innocence of children.

$3.2 Billion Globally and Increasing quickly

It’s also becoming a booming business. Some U.S. hospitals have learned to support whole wings with the money they make from child gender transitions.

This is normal? These are just leftists. They aren’t doing LGBs any good any longer. The people below don’t look any different than the 1960s radicals.

They are coming for the future. These leftists are coming for your children.



  1. Our schools are filled with vile, evil, sexually perverted, sicko, 
    freaks, totally devoid of any moral fiber and who have no 
    intention of teaching your children school subjects, but are 
    dedicated to making your children into vile, evil, sexually 
    perverted sicko freaks like they are. Get your children out 
    of public school NOW!
  2. Just as every communist influencer has known for centuries; brainwashing and indoctrination works best when started young.


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