NJ Teacher “Lavender’ Fired for Snuff Videos and Mannequins


James O’Keefe tried to interview a former transgender teacher in New Jersey named Austin McCaffey, also known as Lavender. He was recently fired from a Roselle Park, New Jersey school district for posting videos of him pretending to eat babies and having sex with mannequins. He also posted violent songs.

Lavender claims he was fired for being transgender, although nothing about “Lavender” looks like he’s trying to be a woman.

Outside groups are coming in to defend him because he’s transgender, claiming the school administrators are anti-trans.

I hope the police are investigating him for potential crimes.




  1. O’Keefe is fantastic. His movement would grow nationwide. Government monitoring of him and planning to ruin him is probably underway. Intel such as the FBI would be involved. Look how the Veritas board was infiltrated. Since O’Keefe left, there has been on investigative operation of any significance by Veritas. This shows that there was an operation to remove O’Keefe. With a full investigative operation at Veritas, they now do nothing.

    The FBI is already going after parents, with no action by the corrupt GOP. By definition, the GOP is corrupt, they took oaths and now have the power to act.

    O’Keefe is in some danger.

  2. Where are men today? These freaks need a good beat down. No wonder women don’t want to marry or they date other women. Look at the men they have to pick from.


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