No, Donald Trump Did Not Share Sensitive Nuclear Sub Secrets


For 24 hours, the media provided intense coverage of an ABC News allegation that Donald Trump discussed sensitive nuclear submarine information with a billionaire member of his Mara-a-Lago club. There is no evidence the story is true.

After ABC ‘News” reported the story, it was parroted on CNN, the New York Times, the New York Post, the Hill, ABC News, Al Jazeera, the Seattle Times, The Washington Post, Business Insider Mexico, the Big News Network, and TV news.

Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper eagerly torched Donald Trump on air without knowing if any of the leaked information was accurate.

Esper made the rounds and said, “It’s just another example of him being careless, if not reckless, with our most sensitive secrets.”

Catherine Herridge asked Esper what the potential ripple effects could be. Esper responded, “With each telling of the story, people get far less concerned about being discreet or protecting information.”

He didn’t, for a second, even wonder if the information was accurate. He certainly didn’t care that the information came from anonymous sources.

Surfaced Russian nuclear submarine in northern waters.
The Story

“As the story goes, the former US president reportedly discussed sensitive information with an Australian billionaire, Anthony Pratt, at his Florida country club.

Allegedly, in April 2021, three months after Trump left Office, Donald Trump shared nuclear submarine secrets with Mr. Pratt. The discussion included references to how many warheads US submarines carry and how close they can get to a Russian vessel without being detected.

ABC News reported on Thursday that Pratt allegedly shared that information with more than a dozen Australian officials, journalists, and some of his employees, the outlet said.

Big News Network reported that ABC conceded that they didn’t know if Trump‘s comments about the submarines were accurate, nor did the outlet sources claim that the information was classified. However, US prosecutors and FBI agents interviewed Pratt at least twice this year about his conversation with Trump, and investigators told the businessman not to spread the information any further because it was potentially sensitive.

CBS News is now reporting that there is no truth to the allegations, and there is no proof – no truth, no proof.

Kathryn Herridge of CBS News posted a video clip on X to report that there is no indication former President Trump shared sensitive records with an Australian billionaire, and the special counsel has filed no charges, though their alleged discussion about US nuclear subs was investigated.


On TruthSocial, a spokesman for the president called the new claims false and ridiculous. Sources tell CBS News that there is no indication Donald Trump showed Pratt sensitive records, and the special counsel did not bring charges.”

This was another false story, possibly a leak from the government, and it had no truth to it, but it created a roughly 24-hour news cycle denigrating Donald Trump.

Many people will think it is accurate because the news reporters never self-correct; if they do, they barely give it a footnote and are never held accountable.

Even Catherine Herridge waited until the end to spill the truth in the clip below. People could easily miss it.



  1. Years ago I read where China built a nuclear sub which was almost a direct copy of our Trident sub. Truth came out is they stole the plans because our stupid government welcomed them to work at many of our sensitive government facilities like Los Alamos National Laboratory and Chinese nationals have frequently been caught carrying sensitive material out on hard drives and laptops. Iranian nationals also work at these facilities. WHY? Do you remember when the USSR built 2 space shuttles that were almost identical to ours? Our stupid government made the plans for the shuttles available through the Freedom of Information Act. Did the Chinese also gain plans for our weapons through FOIA requests? I agree our government should be open to American citizens and American citizens only but no foreign national or foreign entity should be allowed any access. However, for national security reasons, some things should never be available to the general public.

  2. The ABC and New York Times NEVER said Trump showed Pratt any
    classified documents about US submarines. The story made it clear
    that while at Mar-A-Lago someone overheard Trump tell Pratt about
    the number of warheads and about how close the subs could get to
    a Soviet sub without being detected, And that Pratt then discussed
    what Trump told him to other people at Mar-A-Lago,

    So the issue is whether Trump told Pratt this info and whether this info
    is or is not classified, NOT if Trump showed Pratt classified documents,

  3. **After ABC ‘News” reported the story, it was parroted on CNN, the New York Times, the New York Post, the Hill, ABC News, Al Jazeera, the Seattle Times, The Washington Post, Business Insider Mexico, the Big News Network, and TV news.**

    The parroting is standard operating procedure by the mockingbird media whether truth or lies. Especially lies!

  4. This is more Intel generated propaganda. They will do anything to keep Trump out of office, including killing him. These lies have been flowing for 7 years.

    The corrupt MIC/DoD/CIA/NWO gang have plenty of gang memebers willing to appear on CBS and lie for the team. Esper was known to have opposed using tropps to put DC in order amidst massive violence.

    Let’s go back to the known release of secret UK sub data by Obama to the Russians, per wikileaks. Even the leftist Daily Beast reported it:

    When it was disclosed in US media that Obama had told Russia how many active nuclear subs the UK had, there was no reaction.


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