No, Maui Fires Are Not Due to Climate Change, They’re “Human Caused”


Lesfitsts like Ro Khanna and Senator Jeff Merkley are blaming the Maui fires on climate change when it was caused by poor management of agriculture.

“Blaming this on weather and climate is misleading,” said Clay Trauernicht, a University of Hawaii at Manoa professor and environmental management expert. “Hawai’i’s fire problem is due to the vast areas of unmanaged, nonnative grasslands from decades of declining agriculture,” Fox Digital reports.

“These savannas now cover about a million acres across the main Hawaiian Islands, mostly the legacy of land clearing for plantation agriculture and ranching in the late 1800s/early 1900s,” he continued. “The transformation to savanna makes the landscape way more sensitive to bad ‘fire weather’ – hot, dry, windy conditions. It also means we get huge buildups of fuels during rainy periods.”

In 2019, Trauernicht submitted a letter to a local Maui newspaper, arguing that the island was at serious risk of continued forest fires without proper management. He stated that heavy rainfall causes more vegetation, which is then not tended to and poses a fire risk.

“Maui is now firmly in the post-plantation era, and the West Maui fires are only the most recent example of what eventually happens when large, tropical grasslands go untended,” he wrote. “But the fuels — all that grass — is the one thing that we can directly change to reduce fire risk.”

Peter Vitousek, a professor of earth sciences at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, told USA Today in an interview that drier grasses have spread across Maui.

“There is no doubt that fire-prone grasses have invaded drier Hawaiian ecosystems and brought larger, more intense fires,” Vitousek said.

According to the Hawaii Wildfire Management Organization, a nonprofit that works with communities to mitigate fire risk, a larger percentage of Hawaii burns on an annual basis than any other state. The group notes that the vast majority of the state’s fires are caused by dry brush or human activity.

“Over 98% of wildfires are human-caused,” the group states on its website. “Human ignitions coupled with an increasing amount of nonnative, fire-prone grasses and shrubs and a warming, drying climate have greatly increased the wildfire problem.”

Another expert, Jim Steele, the former dean of the College of Science and Engineering at San Francisco State University, said in a post on X that Hawaii has abandoned pineapple and sugar cane fields, which has caused invasive grasses that burn quickly to grow.

“Alarmists are the true deniers avoiding the well-established science of wildfires,” he said.

While Hawaiians suffer, Biden is sending $40 billion to Ukraine.




  1. Such a terrible national disaster and where is senile, little girl fondling Joe Biden? He bugged out to his home and beach in Delaware. The sorry bassturd could not care less about the people of Hawaii.

  2. Everyone with a lick of sense knows that the climate cultists are all either truely evil or just morons. This climate alarmist B.S. should not even be distributed.

  3. The same criticism of poor management been made about the Canadian fires earlier this year.
    As Solomon said, nothing new under the sun.
    That also applies to the many others who also ignore God’s wisdom.


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