No One Wants EVs and Lots Are Filling Up


The Ford EV 150s are still having problems selling. As a truck, it’s lacking. One dealer in New Jersey said no one wants the EVs, and lots are filling up.

In the following interview, an EV truck owner explains that he had to dump his $115,000 Ford truck on a road trip and called EVs the “Biggest scam of modern times.” Dalbir Bala said first of all, the charges were much more expensive than gas, adding that it took twice as long to charge as advertised. He left his truck at a dealership during a road trip and rode off with a rental.

He has his truck back and is very unhappy with it. Mr. Bala said you can’t use the truck for any needs that a pickup is used for.

Ford EV 150s aren’t selling well and they discounted them $10,000. They’re expensive for the average person.

Ford originally said they were going to start under 40,000 and that’s a great price which is likely why they got three year’s worth of reservations that are now down to three months.

it came in higher and wasn’t eligible for the rebate. It ended up costing $16,000 more.

They’re pricing it more reasonably now. The narrator doesn’t mention it, but they’re now losing money on each vehicle.

A Ford New Jersey car dealer talks about the charging challenges in this next clip. Experts say they need one million new charging stations.

The dealer said there are hybrids out there that can outdo an EV. It will be ten years before the infrastructure is in place.

The lots are filled with EVs, and no one wants them. Dealers are starting to reject them.

They will get billions from Washington to build battery factories.

What he doesn’t mention is that most of the minerals needed for an EV are controlled by the Chinese Communists.

The story is likely very different for Teslas. They have infrastructure throughout the United States, but they’re not cheap.



  1. “the charges were much more expensive than gas”

    Yes, and since electric rates only ever go UP all the time, the charges will get more and more expensive.

    EV are one of the biggest scams of modern times.
    Along with solar and wind farms, “climate change”, “trans”gender ideology…

  2. Another example of the federal government, mostly made up of people with no ‘real world’ experience, trying to run the economy.


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