Nobody Is Safe


See the video below: No one is safe until everyone is safe. It’s a great summary. Every single person must be vaccinated, or YOU WILL DIE. Gov. Hochul even quoted God saying, “Get vaccinated…You know what God wants – get vaccinated.” If you aren’t vaccinated, you are the enemy, the moron, idiots, and “don’t do your own research.”

If Elon Musk didn’t take over Twitter, we would not have been allowed to see this. The Atlantic has declared Twitter a far-right platform. The Left will do anything to silence us.

This is soooo comprehensive. See it through to the end.



  1. Things I noticed. No one died before the J – A -B came out. Now all my friends are continually ill because of compromised im-mun-e systems. I’d rather die then trust these evil leaders.

  2. One thing I do know; no one is safe if Government is involved in Medicine and worse can mandate vaccinations or the consumption of anything.


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