Nominated for Speaker, Donald Trump to Attend Speaker Forum – Updated


Update: Donald Trump endorsed Jim Jordan and will attempt to rally Republicans around Rep. Jordan.

Donald Trump was nominated as Speaker of the House. Benny Johnson said it is one Netflix series he’d watch. Several members of the House nominated him, and he plans to attend the Forum next week.

One TX user said, “If Trump gets duped into throwing his hat into the ring for Speaker, the most likely outcome is Jeffries will quietly talk to moderate GOPers that don’t like Trump, and when it comes to a vote, Jeffries will win.

Marjorie Taylor Greene wrote, “I wonder if Democrats would have voted the way they did if they thought Trump would be Speaker Matt Gaetz is playing chess while others are playing checkers.”

According to Politico, a Republican familiar with “internal discussions,” the former president is open to the idea of becoming Speaker. The news comes right after Trump told reporters that he “would do it” if it meant helping the country.

“A lot of people have asked me about it… My focus is totally on [the election]. I would do it if I can help them during the process.”

“I have been asked to speak as a unifier because I have so many friends in Congress,” Trump said. “If they don’t get the vote, they have asked me if I would consider taking the speakership until they get somebody longer-term, because I am running for president.”

“They have asked me if I would take it for a short period of time for the party, until they come to a conclusion — I’m not doing it because I want to — I will do it if necessary, should they not be able to make their decision,” he added.

“My focus is totally on that. If I can help them during the process, I’ll do it,” he said. “But we have some great people in the Republican Party that could do a great job as speaker.”

It didn’t seem like there was much chaos, despite what Democrats say, until this. Democrats will go nuclear. Some RINOs will, too.

It would certainly be interesting. Would the DOJ or some judge in Manhattan slap a gag order on him? I think he has enough on his plate, but it’s up to them.




  1. Jordan will be a major upgrade as speaker, and the best that can be done at this time. Plus, he is a Trump supporter.

    The TX user has a logical problem. Firstly, Trump did not throw his hat into the ring. Other people did. Secondly, there is no chance a dem will be speaker. This narrative of a dem being speaker is a junk Faux News/RINO talking point. It is manipulative disinformation.


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