Nord Stream Was Blown Up by Ukrainians on a Small Yacht?


Der Spiegel is pushing the Andromeda story again. It’s their new old fall guy responsible for blowing up Nord Stream. For months, Der Spiegel tried convincing people that Russian ships blew up Nord Stream. Having failed to persuade people, they’ve reinvigorated the old idea that rogue Ukrainians did it.

The Andromeda Affair

On March 7, a New York Times report cited intelligence sources as saying a pro-Ukrainian group was involved. On March 10, Der Spiegel gave a similar report via The Guardian. The yacht they cited, Andromeda, is small, probably too small to carry the amount of explosives needed to blow it up.

Also, diving experts say such extended deep dives would have required a decompression chamber for the divers, which would not fit on a yacht. Conveniently, they claim another boat could have been involved.

Taggesshau released the story Der Spiegel is pushing now on March 31st.

The Hersh story about the US and Brits blowing up Nord Stream also has holes that were never explained. The attacks were 17 hours apart, which doesn’t fit Hersh’s timeline. Whoever fed him the information didn’t give him the whole story.

The Andromeda story comes from US and German intelligence authorities. It makes some anonymous Ukrainians guilty, not a state actor.

The story goes like this. One of the emails sent to rent Andromeda came from Ukraine. A potential shell company rented the yacht, registered under the name of an unrelated Polish woman living in Kiev. The possible shell company is a travel agency, but there is no phone number, and the address has 100 companies listed there. The woman who owns it only communicates with it via email. They haven’t made sales in a long time. One of the forged passports used in this transaction carried a photo that may have been of a Ukrainian soldier.

Investigators say they found residue of explosives aboard the yacht.

Illicit Yachts and Forged Passports Are Likely Not Unusual in Ukraine

Given the corrupt nature of business dealings in Ukraine, it probably wouldn’t be difficult to find a lot of crooks renting yachts with phony passports through shell companies.

A NATO source put out the original story of Russian ships and propagandized it through open-source intel. No one believes it, literally, no one. It also came from intelligence sources right from the start.

They were hoping we’d all believe Russia did it.

Scholz Doesn’t Care

German Chancellor Scholz recently said he doesn’t care who did it. The agreement should have never been made, and Nord Stream will not be rebuilt.

The logical theory is that the US did it, perhaps with another state actor or actors, or at least with the knowledge of other state actors. The US threatened Nord Stream and promised it would not be allowed to continue pumping fuel. Victoria Nuland is involved and capable of such a brazen attack. Biden’s clueless and would go along with anything.

But it is still a mystery.

How the saboteurs are getting away with this is unbelievable. The intelligence agencies know who did it, or at least one does, and they know how to keep silent when they want to.



  1. I wonder how much cash the Ukrainians were given by Secy of Defense and Quota Hire, Lloyd Austin, to take the fall for this.

  2. Joe Biden said it was a done deal on camera, if Russia invaded Ukraine. Russia invaded Ukraine to close down US bioweapons labs, and to de-nazify Ukraine. And the pipeline is gone.

  3. Nord Stream was blown up by a First World Navy with extensive capabilities to avoid detection. That leaves a very small group of suspects.


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