North Korea Threatens US with “Greatest Pain” It’s Ever Suffered


North Korea has threatened the United States with the “greatest pain” it has ever suffered following new sanctions imposed by the United Nations. They are allied with Russia.

US President Donald Trump said the move was nothing compared to what would happen to deal with North Korea.

The measures restrict oil imports and ban textile exports and were approved after North Korea’s sixth and largest nuclear test earlier this month.

You might wonder if the North Korean tyrant could act on his threats. Well, they have a record number of missiles, some of which can hit the United States.

Excerpts from the BBC article on North Korea’s missiles

North Korea has continued regular tests of its missiles this year after a significant increase in tests in 2022.

It recently also attempted unsuccessfully to launch a space satellite.

The last time North Korea tested a nuclear bomb was in 2017. The explosion at its Punggye-ri test site had a force, or “yield,” of between 100-370 kilotons.

A 100-kiloton bomb is six times more potent than the one the US dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.

In April, North Korea tested what it called “its most powerful” missile to date – the Hwasong-18. It’s a solid-fuel missile, which is generally quicker to launch than liquid-fuel ones.

It reportedly flew about 1,000km on its maiden flight, but its true range is estimated to be in excess of 15,000km, according to the US-based CSIS Missile Defense Project.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) meets with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un in Vladivostok, Russia April 25, 2019. Sputnik/Alexei Nikolsky/Kremlin via REUTERS ATTENTION EDITORS – THIS IMAGE WAS PROVIDED BY A THIRD PARTY.

[A missile flying 15,000 km is 9320+ miles. North Korea to New York is 6,692 miles. One might assume we would shoot a missile down before it got to us and obliterate North Korea, but then what? Missiles flying everywhere?]

A second test launch in July 2023 saw a Hwasong-18 reach a claimed altitude of over 6,600km, with a flight time of 74 minutes.

In October last year, North Korea fired another type of missile that flew over Japan – thought to have been the intermediate-range Hwasong-12. This can travel up to 4,500km – putting the US island of Guam in the Pacific within range.

North Korea has also been testing the Hwasong-14 ballistic missile with a range of 8,000km – although some studies suggest it could travel as far as 10,000km, making it capable of reaching New York.

And there is the Hwasong-15 missile, which is believed to have a range of 13,000km, putting the continental US in its sights.

There’s more information here. Maybe we should close our border or at least vet people?



  1. Americans can sleep at night knowing that Joe Biden, Merrick Garland and Chris Wray are protecting them from the BIGGEST threat ; white supremacists! ( I wish I was kidding…they do call it the biggest threat…when in reality white supremacists are not even in the top 100 things threatening the USA )


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