Not “Rational” US Officials Block Rescue Mission of Titanic Tourists – Was Rational After All


Update: As it happens, it was a very rational decision. The U.S. Coast Guard knew the passengers were likely deceased shortly after they lost contact. They heard what sounded like an implosion on their equipment and had it analyzed.

With only hours of oxygen left in the submersible that was touring the Titanic, it has gone missing over the wreckage. By 12 pm on Thursday, the oxygen will be depleted. The sub, carrying five people, has been missing since Sunday when it lost all contact while exploring the wreckage of the famous ship 13,000 ft under the sea. GB News said the US is holding up a possible rescue. Rescuers say what the US Coast Guard is doing is not a rational decision.

Even if it is located, it would not be easy to rescue those on board, given the depths. It’s down about two miles. It is so deep even the U.S. Coastguard does not have the capabilities to reach it.

We don’t know if they are even alive.

British billionaire Hamish Harding, 58, is among those missing as rescue crews search the Atlantic Ocean.

Harding, who runs an aviation company, was on the 21ft vessel when it set off on Sunday.

The father-of-two, who lives in the UAE, said he was “proud” to be joining OceanGate as a “mission specialist,” adding that the group included “a couple of legendary explorers.”

French diving expert Paul-Henry Nargeolet and submarine boss Stockton Rush are likely on the missing submarine.

A British rescue mission to locate it has been “blocked by US officials.” Yet, there are only hours left to locate and save them. The five passengers onboard are running out of oxygen.

A remotely operated vehicle capable of pulling the vessel has been waiting to leave an airport in the Channel Islands since 7 pm on Monday, says GB News. The vessel takes tourists to the Titanic shipwreck out of the Atlantic Ocean.

According to the Telegraph, the team from deepwater specialists Magellan Limited has not received approval for take-off.



  1. This makes no sense. The US cannot block a flight leaving another country’s sovereign territory travelling to another country’s sovereign territory. It would never come within 1000 miles of any US territory. Whats really going on here? Last night Magellan claimed it was because no one would give them a plane. Now its mystery paperwork?

    “Why not run both vessels?” What is Hunchak talking about? If they’re the only capable vessel then how is there another?

  2. There’s a good reason people are required to sign extensive legal waivers before they get on a tourist space flight or a tourist deep sea submarine. Both are inherently dangerous and life threatening. That’s what makes them such “thrill rides.”

  3. First, no one in the current USA administration is sane, so their being irrational isn’t shocking. Second, if its at a Channel Island, then awaiting the OK to take off, how is it an American decision?

  4. This is not a USA (former) problem. Canada, France and GB are welcome to act. It would cost millions to stage a likely failed rescue attempt.

  5. What rich people won’t spend their money on. Like the clowns who line up to climb Mt. Everest. The Titanic resting spot is a graveyard, not a place to take pictures of and brag that you were one of the few people to ever visit.


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