NPR Defends ERIC As 3 More Republican-Led States Flee


The Electronic Registration Information Center, or ERIC, is a multi-state partnership that claims to be the only reliable, secure way for states to share voter registration data with each other. ERIC is funded and influenced by George Soros.

Three Republican states, Florida, Missouri, and West Virginia, are leaving ERIC. NPR, a Soros-funded activist ‘news’ organization, says it is due to misinformation from the far-right.

The outlet they characterize as far-right is The Gateway Pundit, which ran a series of articles painting ERIC as part of a liberal [leftist] conspiracy to steal elections.

ERIC’s executive director, Shane Hamlin, put out an open letter to, as he claimed, “set the record straight” amid misinformation about the compact. Naturally, they call it a conspiracy theory. As soon as you hear those two words, you should know they were invented by the CIA after John F. Kennedy was shot.

For the first 10 or so years it was in existence, ERIC operated in obscurity, and four of its seven state members were Republican-run, reports NPR.

More than 30 states and governments across the political spectrum are currently members.

“The partnership allows states to use and share government data — from election offices as well as the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Social Security Administration — to eliminate dead voters from the rolls, find the few people in every federal election who illegally vote twice, and also register eligible voters when they move to a new place.”

They mention that Heritage praises states for joining ERIC.

The billionaire George Soros and David Becker, who runs it, were portrayed as the villains, and they might be.

Becker runs the Center for Election Innovation and Research, which helped distribute hundreds of millions of dollars in grants that Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, donated to election officials during the 2020 election cycle amid the coronavirus pandemic.

That should be enough for a Republican-led state.

NPR says, “Some on the right have pointed to that work as evidence that Becker is a liberal activist, though NPR spoke with numerous current and former Republican elected officials who say they have worked with Becker over the years and found him to be even-handed in his elections work.”

Zuckerberg’s half-billion dollars went to the left for things like unsecured Zuckerboxes.

However, there is much more.

MRC reports:

According to the Capital Research Center (CRC), there is real evidence that Soros’ network provided funding for the organization, which was established as a project of The Pew Charitable Trusts. According to CRC investigative researcher Parker Thayer, “NPR’s insistence that there is no connection between ERIC and George Soros is laughable and refuted by their own article.”

Specifically, as Thayer pointed out, “[NPR] admit[ted] several paragraphs into the article that Soros’s private foundation provided money to the organization that created the ERIC but spen[t] the rest of the same article insisting that there is no connection.”

NPR is also corrupted by Soros. NPR called the association between Soros and the ERIC a “false alleged Soros connection.”

It’s worth noting that NPR itself has also been funded by Soros’ Open Society Foundations to the tune of at least $600,000 in 2016 alone. In addition, Fox News also reported on Dec. 23, 2015 that Soros granted almost $2 million “to hire 100 new reporters for 50 of [NPR’s] member stations.”

NPR wrote that other conservative media outlets published “investigations” that implied ERIC is a taxpayer-funded voter registration drive to help Democrats, and Cleta Mitchell, the lawyer who helped Donald Trump try to overturn the 2020 election, began focusing on the organization on her podcast, which is influential in what NPR calls “election-denier circles.”

You’re not an election denier if you question an election fraught with problems. Don’t cave. This isn’t a conspiracy theory. It’s fact. Soros has sway over NPR and ERIC. He’s a far left America hater.



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