Nuke Waste Official Stole Luggage on a Secret Taxpayer-FundedTrip


Watchdog group Functional Government Initiative (FGI) revealed that the non-binary ex-Energy nuclear waste official Sam Brinton traveled to Las Vegas on a secret trip when he was caught on camera stealing.

At the end of the trip, Brinton stole luggage at the Harry Reid International Airport. He’s on video doing it and pleaded no contest.

The US taxpayer paid for the trip where he stole luggage.

It indicates that he was a security risk.

Brinton is known for not knowing his gender, dressing like a woman, and for sexual irregularities, such as instructing others in sexual puppy play. He was hired because he’s diverse. His experience for the job was below minimal, and his proclivities could have made him a good target for blackmail.

Brinton celebrating diversity

According to Fox News:

The DOE states that the Nevada National Security Site “is a preferred location for experiments supporting the National Nuclear Security Administration’s nuclear weapons Stockpile Stewardship Programs, national defense programs, and national security research, development, and training programs, as well as vital programs of other federal agencies.”

The bag had “jewelry valued at $1,700, clothing worth $850, and makeup valued at $500.”

Brinton faced a felony grand larceny charge after this secret trip. After pleading no contest, the court ordered Brinton to pay $3,670.74 and gave him a 180-day suspended jail term.

Sam Brinton with the diverse HHS Admiral



  1. Notice, not a single hearing or comment by the corrupt RINOs in the house.

    Look at that picture, and try to tell me that America has not failed. The people in charge are deliberately demoralizing and embarrassing the nation, without repercussions.

    An overt thief and excellent blackmail candidate handled nuclear waste policy?

  2. ” pay $3,670.74 and gave him a 180-day suspended jail term” looks like he/she/it or whatever got the Hunter Biden treatment!!!!.


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