NY Gov. Hochul Uses National Guard to Process Illegal Crossers Faster


Gov. Hochul is calling in another 250 National Guard, but not to send illegal crossers home. She wants to help process them faster.

The New York Democrat Governor announced Monday that the state will deploy an additional 250 National Guard troops to support asylum-seekers who have arrived in New York City.

There are 1,900 National Guard personnel who are on-site assisting with the city’s influx of migrants. They are spread out across 51 hotels and two relief centers. The additional deployment will reach 2,050 members dedicated to the issue, per Hochul’s office.

“It is critical that we help secure work authorization for asylum seekers and migrants in New York,” Hochul said in a statement. “Our National Guard members play a huge role in assisting in the process and we are grateful for their service.”

She’s helping illegals, and New Yorkers get to pay for our own demise. In fact, federal taxpayers are also paying for this.

It’s madness.

The people in Staten Island are fighting back under the leadership of Curtis Sliwa. They’re the Americans still in New York City, and they are blocking immigrant buses.

Yahoo News reported that the National Guard is dealing with case management. The state has $50 million invested “to help migrants [illegal aliens] file the correct paperwork and earn work status.

New York City will pay over $1,000,000,000 on hotels alone over the next 3 years to house illegal immigrants.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams estimates the total cost of the migrant crisis will be about $12 billion over the next three years.

“We are past our breaking point,” he said. “With more than 57,300 individuals currently in our care on an average night, it amounts to $9.8 million a day. Almost $300 million a month and nearly $3.6 billion a year.”

People are coming from enemy nations.



  1. It’s madness.”
    It is also irony! Instead of being used to protect America, they are being coopted to destroy America.
    Typical lib moves to turn the meaning of words upside down to help sell their lie3s and destructive ways.


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