NY Releases Dangerous Drug Dealers on Long Island


More than two dozen alleged drug traffickers were busted for involvement in three crime rings that peddled “tranq,” fentanyl, and cocaine throughout Long Island. According to the New York Post, most were cut loose immediately.

In New York, we have bail reform laws, and as a result, some of the worst criminals are on the streets. It seems that New York’s Governor doesn’t see drug dealing by some really vicious characters as a violent crime.

“Despite the seriousness of the allegations, only 10 of the defendants charged in the sweeping case could be held on bail – and the other 20 were “automatically released as we stood helplessly by,” Suffolk County DA Ray Tierney said at a press conference.

The three indictments — containing a total of 132 charges — said alleged gang members Dushane Telfer, 30, of North Amityville; Paris Parks, 31, of Greenport; and Gabriel Fernandez, 33, of West Babylon led separate operations that moved massive amounts of illicit narcotics.

At least one person has died. Michelle Thomitz, at only 30 years of age, died from an overdose of fentanyl, cocaine, and xylazine – the animal sedative commonly known by its street name, “tranq.”

“Sadly this is not — by any stretch of the imagination — a unique instance here in Suffolk County, anywhere else in New York state or the country,” Tierney said, adding that 399 people died from fentanyl last year on the eastern half of Long Island.

“This is quite clearly an epidemic in our society and quite clearly something that we need to address,” he continued. “We need to stop talking about it, paying lip service to public safety. We need to start coming up with solutions. And we’re here today to implore our legislators to act.”

Under New York’s 2019 criminal justice reforms, only class A felonies — the most serious — are eligible for bail. In the past, Tierney has griped that the lax law lets dealers off the hook far too often.

“In New York, we have loopholes a mile wide — and drug dealers are taking advantage,” Tierney told The Post in March.

Tomitz’s fatal dose allegedly came from a drug ring run by Telfer, an alleged member of the Bloods gang, and Oshane Perkins, who were the leaders of what investigators called a “large-scale fentanyl and cocaine trafficking operation” that spanned the length of Suffolk County.

Michelle Tomitz

Drug dealers carry guns. They are violent people, and they don’t care who dies from their poison. They should never be released pending trial, and they should be facing very long prison sentences at best. New Yorkers voted for the soft on crime policies. They voted for Governor Hochul, even though she made it clear she was very supportive of bail reform laws.

She’s only interested in politics, not people.

We also have open borders, which is responsible for the increase in drugs that are poisoning our youth. don’t say this isn’t a violent crime. That’s a lie.
Long Island was idyllic in many ways, but it’s changing. It had its faults, but basically it was just a beautiful place with little crime.



  1. It’s obvious that leftist officials are in collusion with the drug operations. If this were a TV movie, viewers would figure that out in the first 30 minutes.

    The open border invasion operation is part of the US drug criminal network.

  2. biden has effectively carried out the ‘wishes’ of those who hate the USA…shows the depth of corruption in the ABC agencies…especially the CIA and the FBI…and the utter subversion of the Main sewer Stream fake Media…and the soros controlled ‘judiciary’…


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