NY Times Is Very Concerned About Countries That Censor


The New York Times is behind a paywall, but the paper is very influential. While it frequently spreads misinformation and disinformation, it condemns nations they look down upon for censoring.

From the Times:

Indonesia — the world’s fourth-most populous country, and a democracy — is in the process of implementing what civil rights organizations say are overly broad regulations to demand removal of online speech that officials consider a disturbance to society or public order. Most major internet companies, including Google, Meta, Netflix, TikTok, Apple and Twitter have effectively agreed to go along with the rules, for now.

Indonesia’s regulations are another sign that strict online controls are no longer confined to autocratic countries like China, Iran, North Korea and Myanmar. They are also increasingly the realm of democracies that want to use the law and the internet to shape citizens’ discussions and beliefs.

In free societies, there has long been a tug of war over free speech and its limits. But one of the enduring questions of the online era is what governments, digital companies, and citizens should do now that the internet and social media make it both easier for people to share their truth (or their lies) with the world and more appealing for national leaders to shut it all down.

What is happening in three of the world’s four largest countries — China, India. and Indonesia; the U.S. is the 3rd largest — is simpler than that. It fits the classic definition of censorship. Governments are seeking to silence their external critics.

The legacy media has redefined journalism as Democrat activism.

The NY times is just as bad. They recently reported that it was okay for Malema, a communist member of Parliament to sing, “Kill the Boer, Shoot to Kill,  White Farmer, Slit His Throat.” It’s just a song, they say. A lot of these misinforming reports are under “Opinion,” but if someone on the right offers opinion articles, they’re censored.

Just this morning, Newsbusters reported that Jennifer Medina’s story, “Rhetoric Raises Alarms About Lasting Harms,” bashes Republicans for criticizing “the courts, the F.B.I., the military, and schools.” It was only yesterday they were bashing them. They’re complete hypocrites.

Now that they are CRTing and weaponizing the courts, the FBI, the military and the schools, they love them. The truth is Republicans aren’t bashing the institutions so much as the corrupt leadership using these agencies as cudgels against anyone who disagrees with them.

Look at how the Left hates the Supreme Court because Originalists dominate.

They have writers erasing Biden’s crimes with whataboutism stories. This is from the so-called paper of record. It’s not supposed to be a paper for Democrat activism.

It doesn’t mean you can get good stories from them. It only means you have to be careful.



  1. “Our censoring is to protect the ignorant masses; Indonesia’s is to deny democracy.”
    Previously hidden position of the Times! 🙂

  2. The Times has a sordid legacy of century of lies. The recently published “The Gray Lady Winked” documents this. The author had to do it independently of any publishing company and was told by some “we’re afraid of the Times so we can’t do this”. The book has been frozen out of all media and C-Span BookTV. It is far more worthy of access than the propagandistic junk that the current C-Span management foist upon their audience. For a short version of the material look up Tablet magazine online see their article “The New York Times Nazi correspondent’ You read that right; the Times got Pulitzers for promoting BOTH Hitler and Stalin!

  3. It didn’t work in the USSR, remember zamsidot, and it won’t work here In fact, it will simply drive more to the alternative news media. I think that when the organized crime family masquerading as Democrats brazenly steel the 2024 election millions more will be awakened from their slumber and realize that only by exercising their 2nd Amendment rights will they regain their liberties.


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