NYPD Arrest Suspect For “Mushing” A Woman’s Head Into Moving Subway Car


This heartbreaking story is a tragic, ongoing symptom of the deterioration
of a once great city.

Police officials said a man suspected of randomly shoving a woman into
the side of a moving subway train in a terrifying attack over the weekend was arrested Tuesday morning — with the help of an eagle-eyed New York Post reader. The attack took place at 6 a.m. this past Sunday on the Upper East Side, in Manhattan. It’s considered a “good area.”

Victim Emine Ozsoy has a broken neck and spine. Her face was peeled back to the bone. She is in critical condition.

Kamal Semrade, 39, was charged with attempted murder and assault in a May 21 assault that left 35-year-old straphanger Emine Ozsoy in desperate need of spinal surgery.

There Was no Daniel Penny to Save Her from Homeless Kamal Semrade.

Some of us remember when an NYPD crackdown on subway “fare beaters” led to cops picking up felons with warrants, thus taking them off the streets. When that effective crime-stopping measure came under attack by elite virtue signalers such as AOC, the policy virtually disappeared.

Fast forward to last Sunday. Semrade had allegedly jumped a turnstile before launching what cops believe was an unprovoked attack on an innocent, defenseless woman.

Here’s a truly disturbing, chilling eyewitness account.

“She didn’t even see it coming,” said Long Island City postal worker Nancy Marrero.

“With open palms, he just mushed her head — not her body — into the train. She just tumbled, just kept spinning because the train kept hitting her.”

The victim kept asking, “Am I going to die?” as she lay injured at the station — her face gashed to the bone, Marrero recalled.

Nancy continued, “You could see the white inside; that’s how bad it was,” the postal worker said of the resulting gash that laced its way down the woman’s bloody face. “She said, ‘I don’t feel my arms. I feel like they’re broken.”

“She just kept asking me, ‘Am I going to die?”

Maybe some weeks ago a Daniel Penny-type Samaritan would have taken notice and acted on the deranged fare beater, Semrade before he “mushed” Ms. Ozsoy’s skull. But given the Marine’s treatment, that possibility has likely dropped down to about zero %.

Although it’s too late to spare Emine her suffering, we should be truly grateful for a sharp-eyed New York Post reader, that Kamal Semrade has been locked up. Here’s hoping, especially given the continued pro-criminal insanity enveloping NYC, that the civic-minded reader is spared and Penny-like backlash.

The Big Apple has fallen that far.


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  1. Not to diminish the woman and her suffering, but NY has been voting for this anarchy for quite some time. I’ll never forget how the NY Cops treated Tara Szczepanski. That’s showed how worthless they are, political enforcers.


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