Obama’s Wingman Recommends Pardoning Trump If He’s Sorry


Barack Obama’s “wingman,” Eric Holder, was on Face the Nation Sunday. He is the head of the Democratic National Redistricting Committee, which was involved in two election-related cases before that court.

Holder recently forced Alabama to form a new black congressional district via a Supreme Court ruling. He says this shows we need another voting rights act. Holder thinks it’s 1963.

This case will also affect Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas. He made the redistricting case to the Court about race when it’s really about political parties. The wingman aims to obliterate any advantage Republicans have when they are in office, which is to redraw the maps to favor Republicans. There will be no such adjustment for Democrats.

Holder’s opposed to SCOTUS’s recent rulings. He wants to continue the racist admissions policies in colleges and universities.

The leftist host on this leftist news station, asked, “I want to ask you to put on your role as Attorney General again, could you please advise President Biden or the next president, whoever that may be, to consider a pardon from the 45th president of the United States, before or after a theoretical conviction?”

The big-hearted Marxist wingman offered his judgment.

“I think I would say to the president, to the next attorney general, you know, to let — let the system do its job, try the cases, see what the results are. And then treat that convicted president or anyone else who has been convicted as you would treat anyone else.

“Pardons are usually for people who express remorse and then have done things that show they have changed their lives. Whether those kinds of determinations can be made with respect to the former president or anyone else who has been convicted. Yes, I would support that. In the absence of something like that, I don’t think it’s a good idea to do so.”

So, unless a convicted Donald Trump lies and says he’s sorry and everything he said and did was wrong, the Stalinists will keep him in prison.

Watch the seven minutes of him bloviating about everything unAmerican.



  1. Holder is guilty of treason. Needs to get the Mussolini treatment along with Obama and his husband Big Mike.

  2. It says just how Trump was a much better man than everyone in this administration and also those who support it. Trump could have easily went after Hillary for obvious crimes, and even suggested it, but once in power said going down that road would be “bad for the country”. He’s the only one who truly cared for the country and always wanted what was best for it.


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