Okay, That’s It for Mike Pence! Tucker Took Him Out!


Deer in headlights.

Tucker interviewed candidates for President today, and he’s taking out the low-hanging fruit. Mike Pence made a Hillary-level mistake. She said, “What difference does it make?” and he said, “It’s not my concern.” Watch the exchange.

CARLSON: “I’m sorry, Mr. Vice President. You are distressed that the Ukrainians don’t have enough American tanks? Every city in the United States has become much worse over the past three years. Drive around. There’s not one city that’s gotten better in the United States. And it’s visible. Our economy has degraded, the suicide rate has jumped, public filth, and disorder, and crime have exponentially increased, and yet your concern is that the Ukrainians, a country most people can’t find on a map, who have received tens of billions of tax dollars, don’t have enough tanks? I think it’s a fair question to ask: Where’s the concern for the United States in that?”

PENCE: “It’s not my concern.”


PENCE:. “Tucker I’ve heard that routine from you before, but that’s not my concern. I’m running for president of the United States because I think this country is in a lot of trouble. I think Joe Biden has weakened America at home and abroad, and as president of the United States, we’re going to restore law and order in our cities. We’re going to secure our border… we’re going to get this economy moving again, and we’re going to make sure that we have men and women on our courts at every level that will stand for the right to life and defend all the God-given liberties enshrined in our constitution.

“Anybody that says that we can’t be the leader of the free world and solve our problems at home has a pretty small view of the greatest nation on earth. We can do both and…”

Tucker pretty much laughs in his face in the next clip. That’s what happens when the interviewer asks unfiltered questions and has a higher IQ



  1. Pence was an easy catch to look foolish.

    The idea that he would defy cities, states, the DOJ, and force a restoration of order, is silly. He has no record of ever being tough on anything. He partnered with the DOJ to help complete the 2020 election coup. As governor, he refused to sign a bathroom bill he promised he would sign. His campaign is based on escalating Ukraine. If the elites want it, Pence will help.

  2. Pence just fell into the trash heap of washed up politicians. He’s not my concern. it was a joke to even think this clown had a chance to become President. Another terrible pick by Trump.


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