On 9/11, Biden Will Free 5 Iranian Agents, Release $6 Billion


On 9/11, Joe Biden agreed to swap prisoners with Iran. He will release five Iranian agents and agreed to release $6 billion in frozen funds to the terrorist Islamic nation. For some, Biden’s decision to do this on 9/11 is particularly offensive.

The administration said it is a swap, but no one has informed Americans what we’re getting for these concessions.

The State Department made the announcement. It won’t trigger sanctions because they will execute a work-around by having Qatar’s central bank release the funds.

Congress was informed today, and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken signed off last week.

The Iranian prisoners to be released are Mehrdar Moein Ansari, Kambiz Attar Kashani, Reza Sarhangour Kafrani, Amin Hassanzadeh, and Kaveh Afrasiabi.

Afrasiabi published books and articles promoting the Iranian viewpoint while employed by Iran [subversive.] Kashani and Kafrani were illegally exporting US goods and technology in violation of sanctions, the same sanctions Biden is ignoring to pay off Iran and release their agents. Hassanzadeh stole sensitive technical data from his employer and sent it to his brother in Iran who is connected to the terrorist Iranian Revolutionary Guard.


Biden decided to give his 9/11 speech in Anchorage, Alaska, instead of one of the 9/11 sites.

In his speech, he said:

President Joe Biden marked the 22nd anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in Alaska on Monday afternoon.

“I join you on this solemn day to renew our sacred vow: never forget,” Biden said as he spoke to service members, first responders, and their families at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Anchorage. “Each of those precious lives stolen too soon when evil attacked ground zero in New York.”

Biden said the terrorist attacks, the deadliest ever carried out on U.S. soil, “tested our strength, our resolve, and our courage.”

“But we’ll never forget that when faced with evil and an enemy who sought to tear us apart, we endured,” the president said. “We endured.”




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