One World Government Pride Flags Fly in Rockefeller Center


New York City is now called a global city, and to back that up, instead of the 193 flags of sovereign nations representing the 193 members of the UN, they’re flying all kinds of flags – temporarily.

Last year, Rockefeller Center announced a collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Climate Museum to accept crowd-sourced flag designs to hang in place of the flags of nations. This year, Rockefeller Center is working in collaboration with City Harvest, a food rescue program.

They have run the flag project annually in Rockefeller Center since 2020. Some of the entries are in the first photo below.

This week they have Pride flags. You can see them in the second photo.

Whenever I see flags like these or rainbow flags, I think it’s to diminish the meaning of the US flag and all the flags of sovereign nations.

We have a One World Government Pride flags 193 times this week. If this isn’t a message from the UN, WEF, and other globalists, what is?



  1. People need to know that the “rainbow” flag isn’t reality about the LGBT agenda… that is a ruse!
    What the rainbow real signifies is the NEW AGE pagan agenda, in which originally comes from the jewish luciferian cabala… this cabala for gentiles is called NOAHIDE LAWS. Research this Noahide Laws and you’ll find the rainbow everywhere.

    Manly P. Hall, considered the american freemason of the 20th century said in his book, “The Secret Teachings of All Ages” that the rainbow signifies ‘the rainbow bridge between man’s consciousness and the seething energies of Lucifer.”

    So the rainbow is the symbol of a jewish global dictatorship, what people normally call a ‘new world order’… and so you see, the only connection this symbol has with the LGBT agenda is that the jewish luciferian cabala promotes the concept of ANDROGYNY, that humans can be both male and female – the symbol of this ANDROGYNY agenda is the “Baphomet” goat.
    It’s an entire spiritual agenda which seeks to destroy man made at God’s image!!!


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