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Orwellian Hate Speech Laws Are Coming to the United States


The EU is moving toward global rule over the Internet. They will determine what is said, what people can see, and what everyrone can write. The EU passed an Orwellian Internet speech act that will drastically affect the 1st Amendment of the United States. The EU says hate speech laws are definitely coming to the United States. It has been ordained. I wrote about it in detail here.

Rob Schmitt discussed the Orwellian Digital Services Act with reporter Matt Taibbi. It was passed by the European Union.

“The Orwellian Digital Services Act is going to move all the way through Europe,” Schmitt said. “I mean, it’s amazing. It forces tech companies like Twitter, Facebook to remove hate speech or what they deemed to be hate speech, at the request of European governments, or they face a huge fine. I can’t imagine what a government as big as the EU – basically one big government – I mean what will they try and do with that in the near future… you think this is something that’s coming to the US as well?”

Matt Taibbi assured him it is coming.

“Oh, it’s definitely something that’s coming to the United States,” Taibbi said. “And in fact, that’s one of the things that we found in the Twitter files – discussion about how European style hate speech laws were definitely coming here. We saw it discussed in an Aspen Institute, you know, meeting about these things, But the digital services, I think it’s kind of the Orwellian preview of what’s to come, probably for the entire world.

Taibbi continued. “It really requires all of these platforms to engage in self-censorship at a mass scale with huge penalties if they do not comply even once. So, and they also have the right to invoke a state of emergency at anytime, and impose new rules if something like a pandemic or a war tip breaks out. And that could be us very quickly.

He added. “You know, we’ve experimented with things like that in other countries. There’s a program called DIA in Ukraine which is very, you know, offers a template for that sort of thing. So it’s something definitely to worry about.”

A concerned Schmitt said, “… these governments, they get so scary. They get so big and powerful…”


When governments get too big, they are unaccountable and they go rogue.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the EU Commission, said it will bring European values to the digital world. The values include censorship. This unelected bureaucrat is authoritarian and claims she is protecting children, society, and democracies.

The rules include the broad and vague term, “hate speech,” which the UN regulator – the EU Commissioner for Values and Transparency – Vera Jourova said at the World Economic Forum  the US will obey.

Hate speech can mean disagreeing with mutilating children for “gender-affirming care.”

The EU speech regulator recently said the US would soon have hate speech laws.



  1. A terrifying part of it is that the GOP has been steadily moving left. They only barely win the house when a big victory was in the sights and they cannot win the senate. Plus, their leadership are left leaning and deceptive.

    • In his war against President Trump, Paul Ryan was instrumental in losing the House in 2018 and I believe Mitch McConnel was instrumental in making sure Republicans did not win the Senate majority in 2022 by refusing to support conservative Senate candidates.


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