Our New Name


About that new website name I said we were moving to…

At first, I said we were changing the site name to Fat Elephant. People didn’t like it because it didn’t mean anything, which is why I chose it.

Then I went to Street Newser. Newser is defined in the dictionary as a press conference, and street is just news from the street instead of corporate fake news. I received insults for that one.

I have another name picked out, which we will move to fairly soon, but I’m not announcing it yet. I’m just doing it and hope people don’t hate it. I can’t please everyone.

I have had the name ‘Independent Sentinel’ for nearly 12 years, and I have to change it for several reasons, partly because I need a change. Hopefully, you’ll understand.



  1. Notorious Neighborhood Noise Machine has a nice “ring” to it.

    You may use that awesome name at no charge, though a parchment suitable for framing extending accolades upon my humble self would be an extremely groovy event.

    Carry On

    Capt. Bligh
    Star of neither stage nor screen

  2. I like fat elephant. No, my wife has nothing to do with it. It made me think “obese, lazy, complacent, republican.”
    I’m sorry, did someone’s toes get in the way?

  3. You name it what ever you want! I actually liked fatelephant and streetnewser. You are correct, whatever name you have coming someone may not like it. Can’t please everyone.


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