Our Social Engineers Want You to Eat Beyond Meat


Beyond Burger and Sausage

The vegan food company said its revenue fell nearly 31% in the three months to the end of June compared with the year before. Amid the cost of living crisis, consumers are likely opting for lower-priced animal protein over alternatives such as plant-based products.

The vegan food company said its revenue dropped nearly 31% in the three months up to the end of June compared to the previous year.

Shares in the firm fell 10% on Monday.

Amid the cost of living crisis, consumers are likely opting for lower-priced animal protein over alternatives such as plant-based products.

“We’re going to be much more aggressive in our marketing,” Mr Brown said. “It is an education issue. The facts are there. The health benefits of our products are very strong.”

[Their marketing is already very strong, and the legacy media pushes it.]

“In a probably no-so-distant future, meat as we know it will be far too hard to attain for everyday purchase. We’ll be munching on handfuls of crickets and frying up sausages beefed up with plant protein,” writes Rebecca Frisker at My Recipes.

My Recipes think they’re “mealy” but are good when crispy.

It’s hard to find anything but positive reviews. The media loves them. I would imagine vegetarians and vegans do too.

Beyond sausage
Here’s a Costco review from a meat eater:

“Okay, I don’t like these sausages. I find that they have an odd texture and a very strong flavor, which I think is coming from the Italian seasoning. The texture has similarities to real meat but is noticeably different.

The sausages are pretty dry. The main flavor is the seasoning, which is pretty salty. I suspect they’re trying to mask the flavor of the other ingredients with a ton of seasoning. I don’t notice the beet root or bell pepper that are on the ingredients list.

In summary, these plant-based sausages are strongly seasoned and not in a good way. If you eat the sausages like a hot dog, it’s a bit better because the flavor of the bun and condiments help mitigate the taste of the sausage. The package doesn’t say to use the Beyond Sausage as a hot dog, but that was our first idea for using them, and I thought we’d try it.

Three subjective Reddit reviews:

Beyond/Impossible “meat” is fucking disgusting, and you’ll never be able to convince me otherwise.

*** is 100% right. Impossible Whoppers and Beyond “meat” are for vegans who are already used to not enjoying food. It tastes like crap. Just like any other vegan food, but worse cause it’s masquerading as something that’s supposed to taste good (or at least, better). You want an even more unpopular opinion? It’s literally impossible to have vegan food that doesn’t taste like crap.

And I don’t mean “already vegan” stuff like popcorn and french fries. I mean “vegan alternatives” to real food. If you want to be a vegan, fine. It’s your body. But don’t pretend like vegan food doesn’t taste awful. Beyond “meat” is the biggest offender. It’s the traps of food. And as South Park also pointed out, it’s still just genetically modified “green goo” made in a lab, which means it’s also not exactly fresh or inexpensive or anything.

It’s not meat, so it’s not going to taste like meat. I’ve yet to find someone who isn’t vegan that ‘enjoys’ that stuff.

Vegan cheese is worse; it melts into an oily mess as its mostly coconut and palm oils.



  1. You DO KNOW that it’s grown from cancer cells from the cervix of a black woman? Right? From the 1950’s. Right?
    Even IF you “didn’t know’ you’ve still committed cannibalism and are a minion of satan. That’s how bad it is. the demons wish to sacrifice God’s creation, as their time runs short.

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  3. The stuff is DISGUSTING. You’ll notices cases of this stuff rare needs restocking.

    Worse still, They, “elites, NWO types would have us dining on insects and God Knows What while THEY dime on $200/lb Kobe Beef

    Key is, JUST DONT BIY IT,
    When companies start ringing the Bankrupt Bell, they will get the message

    • Well, if these “companies” are owned by gov’ts (blackrock) I’m afrtaid they have unlimited funds forever to exist!
      I guess you didn’t pay attention for the last 35 years……


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