Oversight Found 6 Policy Decisions Tied to Bribes to Bidens


Rep. James Comer (R-KY), Chair of the House Oversight Committee, appeared on WABC-AM radio Wednesday with co-hosts John Catsimatidis and Rita Cosby. Comer told the hosts that Biden made six policy decisions because of bribes tied to Hunter’s shady business dealings. [Listen to the segment 4 paragraphs down]

He said of the six policy decisions, four of them “were made while Joe Biden was president early on — [where] we cannot come to any other conclusion as to why these decisions were made, other than the fact that this president is compromised.”

Biden Crime Family

“This was organized crime. There’s no other way to define it,” Comer alleged. The Oversight Committee chairman explained that as recently as “in the last five days,” his panel has obtained banking statements and suspicious activity reports that show “more bank accounts, more shell companies and more Bidens” involved in the family’s overseas influence peddling scheme.

Comer is confident that his investigation will prove the Biden family raked in “at least $17 million” from overseas but that the “transactions could exceed $40 million-plus.”

Comer said the Bidens helped communist Chinese firms “gain entry” into key sectors of the U.S. economy in exchange for payments.


Rep. Comer Spoke About the Biden Crime Family with Hannity Last Night.

Comer told Hannity, “..when we gained access to the suspicious activity reports on the Bidens. We found that the president did have transactions that went to his family members while he was vice president. That was something the media said never happened. They always said the wire transfers happened after he left office. We proved that they happened while he was in office, and we proved that nine Biden family members were a part of the influence-peddling scheme. not just the president’s son.

LLCs And Shell Companies

“They were funneling this money through LLCs. We knew about several LLCs but when we got access to Treasury, we found more LLCs, so we found PowerShell accounts, more bank accounts, and more Bidens who were involved in the influence-peddling scheme,” Comer said.

What the committee knows is from Form 1023. The oligarch bragged that it would take investigators ten years to find all the different transactions that they gave that they used to launder the money to the Bidens.

The committee believes they laundered money through loans they transferred to other countries to stocks. The Committee requested loan information, stock accounts, and bank accounts.

Comer continued, “We also have information that would lead us to believe there’s information in suspicious activity reports where banks realized what was going on. They are pretty quick to catch money laundering, and that’s what all the banks did in the previous suspicious activity reports.”


“When you set up a bunch of shell companies for the sole purpose of laundering money, that’s called racketeering. The banks knew exactly what the Bidens were doing. That’s why they filed so many suspicious activity reports against the Bidens.”

“What we’re requesting now are suspicious activity reports relating to anyone that was involved in Burisma because we believe this will help us track the $10 million that the oligarch said he sent to both Joe Biden and Hunter Biden.”

The committee is probing Joe Biden after obtaining the WhatsApp exchange with Hunter and Joe, who was allegedly in the same room, demanding money from Henry Zhao. A $5 million payment came in less than a week – what did Zhao buy?

Comer said, “We believe there’s a reason that his families receive millions and millions of dollars from our adversaries, including China… we believe that he’s compromised, and we believe that answers some of the questions as to why he has an energy policy that puts America Last and China First.

“This family’s taking too much money from too many of our adversaries around the world for Joe Biden not to have to repay them in the form of bad policy.

“What we’re gonna see as this plays out in the House Oversight Committee is that Joe Biden set up all of these deals initially. .. He was a central figure in them. There’s no way China is going to send $5 million to Hunter Biden because he threatened them in a text message. It’s because Joe Biden had met with him first, and he had promised him things he’d either already delivered and wanted the payment, or he was going to deliver. And the whole business model that China was using the Bidens for was to be able to take Chinese money and start buying as many industries and as many businesses in America as they could because there were barriers…

“… and it wasn’t just energy. It was anything they could invest in because there are barriers to entry for China. We don’t want China taking over important industries in America. They were using the Bidens to navigate the bureaucracy…”

The Bidens wanted the money, and China wants “loyalty and “access to the government at the highest levels.”



  1. Looks like stealing votes was jus part f a long list of crimes.
    But will the voters punish the Democrat Party which is very comp[licit with all this?

  2. ” … Comer said the Bidens helped communist Chinese firms “gain entry” into key sectors of the U.S. economy in exchange for payments. … “

    Another one like the Bidens is Diane Feinstein

    After Diane Feinstein hired a Chinese Chauffeur a couple decades ago, her and her husband suddenly began making millions of dollars with deals made with Chinese businesses.

    We later found out the chauffeur was also a sort of chinese spy.

    It is obvious something illegal and immoral was going on, it is obvious Feinstein was being rewarded for selling something to China.

    Feinstein being a Democrat, and democrats being above the law 9 times out of 10, nothing was ever done about it.

    The Bidens will get the smallest punishment possible, probably a small fine for unpaid taxes and that will be it…

    the DOJ is part of the same crime syndicate as those criminal demcorats are.

    The DOJ will be super extra lenient on them

  3. The RINOs are pretending, I am certain. Let’s give less attention to Faux News.

    Bannon was red hot this morning on the scandals. He traces the McCarthy remark which sparked Trump was causing the latest round of pretense. McCarthy had to apologize and then make another media appearance. His sidekicks are in NY to appear on Faux and do their acts, also to meet with big Wall Street funders.

    Bannon’s biggest point is that the GOP has not hired an investigative team. There are top notch investigators waiting for the chance to assist. The RINOs gave DOJ a huge increase in funding but will not spend money on actual investigations. This proves the effort is a fraud.

    Hannity is a fraud like Comer.

    Multiple agencies, like the DOJ, have the SARs. Comer is fooling you folks. Any decent, honest chair can get those SARs with a fight.

  4. If the Congress was serious with all this, there would be a Select Committee of Impeachment which gives Congress additional powers to conduct such investigations. Mark my words, this will amount to Nothing.

    • Don’t worry, Schiff and Paul Pelosi’s wife effectively create these committees every time it serves the democrats’ interests.


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