“Paroled” NYPD Cop Killer Arrested 4 Times Over Last 12 Months Could Walk Again


by James S. Soviero

Bruce Lorick, 66, murdered NYPD Officer Joseph Keegan, 40, on June 19, 1980, shooting him in the head with the cop’s gun when the officer tried to stop him for jumping a subway station turnstile.

The cop killer, paroled after nearly 40 years in prison, has been arrested four times in the past 12 months and, after “walking” three times, is demanding to be set free again.

Lorick was sentenced to 25 years to life for second-degree murder and was in Shawangunk State Prison until his release on lifetime parole in April 2021.

Here’s a summary of his “sheet” since then:   

In December 2022, he was arrested for strangulation. Six months later, he was picked up for criminal contempt.  On Nov. 18, Lorick was busted for stealing $285 worth of items from a NYC Target.  He was sprung on Nov. 26 after a bail recognizance hearing. On Dec. 22, he was arrested again for allegedly using and possessing cocaine, failing to notify parole of a change in program status, and failing to complete inpatient substance abuse treatment.

But he could soon be back on the street after his Legal Aid Society attorneys sued in Bronx Supreme Court on Dec. 29 to have him sprung again.

Joseph’s older brother John said, “He (Joe) was going to move to Las Vegas. He had a security job waiting for him out there. I thought parole was that if you violate parole you automatically go back in.”

“It’s just unbelievable that he keeps going in and out of prison,” said Keegan’s niece, Linda Blanco, 62. “He’s a cop killer.

She continued, “We’re a family of police. My niece and nephew are on the job now with the NYPD. It’s just appalling that we have to go through this and that he’s out….like he has a get-out-of-jail card. I don’t understand that.”

Tragically, in New York, the felons and their lawyers understand it all too well.  They know the criminal coddling Cuomo/Hochul duo have corrupted the system at one of the highest levels by appointing hard-core leftists to oversee parole board hearings.

Those appointments have led to dozens of cop killers being released.

The message continues to be police officers, even those making the ultimate sacrifice, can expect nothing from elitist New York pols, who purposely avoid mingling with “the commoners” around dangerous places like…subway turnstiles.



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