Pastor Addresses School Officials Over Pornographic Books in the Library


Watch the pastor in the clip below try to deal with the school officials who have pornographic books in the school library.

“Blacks didn’t benefit from slavery, just like we don’t benefit from abortion. Planned Parenthood kills more black lives in two weeks than the KKK lynched in the century. Margaret Sanger said that she did not want the word to get out that she wanted to exterminate the ***** population.

“There is no slavery like lynching a baby in the womb. The same people who talk about the racist education standards turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the fact that blacks are being slaughtered in this country by and large by the Democrat party and white liberals who seek to further the plan of Margaret Sanger.

“Now, on the topic of these pornographic books,” the pastor said as he read from the pornographic book in the school library.

He was stopped from reading three times, and this is a book the leftists have in the library. The school officials had him removed.

They are such hypocrites. This goes on in too many districts.



  1. Recall that DeSantis said firmly he would act hard against anyone violating free speech on this issue. I do not recall if there is a new law on this or just an executive order. He of course probably will not act.

  2. Two things stand out. The threat to pervert our children through pubic education.
    The murder of black children (and other colors, too) “lynched in the womb.”

    Why are not all black pastors who call themselves Christians not leading the crusade to destroy the swamp and all the horrible creatures it breeds.

    How can blacks support the racist Democrats who seek to destroy their lives by keeping them in a form of slavery, while murdering their children.

    The term black Democrat politician should never exist. Those who claim to be so are actually selfish people who profit be destroying blacks.

    It is good to see some really strong black Republican politicians who understand and are at the same time not racist, but care about people of every color.
    Those are the people we should all encourage and support!


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