Paxton Impeachment Trial Continues With No Evidence


The trial of Ken Paxton is a straight-up joke. Three Bush Republicans and two Democrats are trying to impeach him without evidence. Fortunately, Paxton has an outstanding attorney.

“First, we learned that there was no evidence of Paxton‘s ‘criminal activities’ he got reported on to the FBI. And now it turns out that the prosecution’s star witness, who wrote an entire memo detailing Paxton’s ‘unlawful dealings,’ tried to apply for a job with Paxton after the memo.”

Mr. Paxton’s Attorney, Tony Buzbee, obliterated the witnesses trying to get Mr. Paxton impeached based on hearsay and conjecture. They work for the Bush liberals. Attorney General Paxton does not.

The entire trial has exposed incompetence, deviousness, and fraud on the part of those trying to impeach Mr. Paxton. It’s amazing that they have nothing. They should be humiliated, but instead, in this segment, the witness keeps smirking.

Witness against Mr. Paxton who kept smirking.

In this segment, Paxton attorney Tony Buzbee asked the witness if it’s proper to go into a court and testify on live stream and to jurors about something that someone might have done. “That’s incredibly misleading, incredibly prejudicial, isn’t it?”

Mr. Buzbee asked and did not get a satisfactory answer to the following, “…you just testified in this historic impeachment proceeding in response to the houses’ questions about all of the potentials, of the maybes or the possibilities, right?”

So far, that’s how the entire trial is going. This is a good segment:



  1. That man tried to get a job with the man he was trying to incriminate. That is similar to what a few people did to Trump. The most notable is Sessions, who after getting the job promptly set up a corrupt legal framing operation against Trump. That’s an intel tactic.

    The senate will not convict Paxton, because it would be too embarrassing for them, and risk their next campaigns. There is no case against Paxton. But it will not be a victory, since we now know that the Texas GOP is heavily infiltrated with corrupt people who collude with the left and Intel.

    A win would be if Paxton returned and aggressively acted legally against some people who he has been holding back on. He may have some people in his sights.


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