Perfect Example of a Soulless Weasel Reporter at WaPo


Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports got wind of a hit piece The Washington Post was writing about him. The reporter sent a vicious e-mail to his advertisers. He called her and recorded the conversation.

The reporter is a weasel, and that is putting it mildly.

When he spoke with her, he told her what she wrote in the e-mail because she seemed to have a convenient memory lapse. She told his advertisers that Portnoy was having a pizza fest on Saturday, and she wanted to know if they wanted to defend themselves for supporting Dave, who has a history of misogynic, racist comments.

At first, she denied “saying anything like that.”

Portnoy then read the vicious comment to her, and she suddenly recalled it, minimizing it by saying that’s “one of the more pointed ones.”

She spent most of the conversation using weasel words such as, Well, I’m writing this with someone else; it’s a tactic we use in journalism. I wanted to have all the reporting done by the time I called you, and I really want to hear your side – I was going to call you tomorrow morning.

This is such a perfect example of how corrupt our media is.

David Portnoy saved a lot of small businesses during the pandemic and deserves tremendous credit. The reporter and her co-author decided to write a hit piece about him with lies, ignoring his work helping others.

However, she won’t even admit it. She’s pretending that she hasn’t made up her mind about him, and that wasn’t her intention. It’s unlikely the average person would believe a word she said in the clip.

Listen to this clip below. It’s just unbelievable. It’s such a perfect example of what’s wrong with the media.

For some reason, the far-left Post decided to cancel Mr. Portnoy.

Portnoy will speak with her and her co-author tomorrow, and I hope he has his lawyer on the other end. He said he would record her as he did today.

She appeared to want to have all these nasty comments set up so that she could ask some gotcha questions tomorrow. She’s so arrogant and unrepentant in this phone call that you can imagine what the authors will cook up tonight will be anything but fair.




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