Peter Strzok Wants an FBI Unit to Protect Agents from Americans


Disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok, who now spreads disinformation on MSNBC, wants an FBI unit to protect agents from Americans. They already have all the power they need since they weaponized the department, but nonetheless, he wants more power to go after Americans. This shows you how dangerous a national police force is. He has the same idea your ordinary dictator has had.

Nicole Wallace is a partisan activist who sows anti-Republican discontent nightly on MSNBC. She thinks Americans terrorize the FBI. This is as the Biden administration terrorizes Americans. So ironic.

Wallace held a panel discussion, and one of the guests was the mundane, reliably anti-Republican Strzok. Mr. Strzok said we need a special unit to protect FBI agents from Americans.

“In my opinion, we’re not doing enough. I mean, look, when push comes to shove, absolutely, the FBI and DOJ need to band together and protect their personnel to allow them to do their job. They’re going to do it, but they need to be able to do it without fear for their lives. When the FBI was fighting Al Capone, there was not a unit dedicated to protecting FBI personnel, and the FBI was fighting organized crime families in New York and all around the US. There was not a unit dedicated to protecting FBI personnel.”

The FBI and DOJ classify everyday Americans, like parents at board meetings, as domestic terrorists. They call J6 rioters terrorists. This is who he’s talking about, along with Republican congressmen.

Wallace and Strzok spent most of the time trashing Republicans. That’s all they care about.



  1. So, the fox wants protection from the chickens? Hilarious. The FBI is a totally compromised enforcement arm of the marxist/democrat party. The only option is to defund and disassemble this perversion of “Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity”, the FBI motto. You can scratch ‘fidelity’ and ‘integrity’ for sure, but I would bet the ‘bravery’ of creating false flag crimes to be of political value to be their stock in trade.

  2. People like Strzok need to be reminded that they, too, are American citizens, given the responsibility of working for the FBI, and not FBI citizens given the responsibility of overseeing Americans. If he fears that Americans are targeting FBI agents in the course of their duties, then maybe those agents aren’t doing the job they were hired to do.

  3. Strzok is an Intel agency media element and crook.

    This reminds me of Hitler. He create the SA, a huge operation. Then he created the SS, the protection squad.

  4. Yeah, if your intent is to go after American citizens, you will need protection. Understand this, that makes the FBI the terrorists.


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