Poland Torpedoed Their Future


In the recent election, Poland’s National Conservative Party failed to gain the necessary majority to stay in power. Even though they led all the other parties with 37% of the vote, the Law and Justice Party did not have the votes necessary to form a government.

Donald Tusk 2021

Instead, the second-place finisher, Civic Coalition, won 30% of the vote will almost certainly end up in power. The far left Donald Tusk will be the expected leader.

Tusk is a former European Council official who ran on the ‘saving democracy’ message that the far left in the United States has used.

Donald Tusk aligns with Germany, France, and the failed immigration policies of Europe.

The key issues centered around inflation and abortion. Inflation has hit Europe and Poland very hard.

The young people turned out more than the elderly, especially young women wanting to see expanded abortion access. Putting abortion ahead of their overall well-being is a bad idea.

Another issue is that the Poles want to be accepted and liked by the rest of the West. They might regret that.

In summary, to abort babies and be liked by the radical Europeans, they will find themselves overrun with illegal immigrants. Until now, strict immigration policies helped them avoid the crises Europe faces with radical extremists.

The left-wing in Poland doesn’t appear to have a plan to improve inflation, but they do have a plan to bring in immigrants and expand abortion.

Poland has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe because of their stance on the immigration of radicals from countries where terrorism is prevalent. They also have one of the highest GDP rates and one of the lowest debts.

It’s sad to see. The left wing in that country, as in the US, thinks that the right wing is extreme when, in fact, the left is extreme and inept. This doesn’t bode well for Poland’s future.

Poland had the largest turnout in voters since 1989, when they overthrew communism. The World Economic Forum is waiting in the wings.

Could this be in Poland’s future?



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